END OF THE YEAR REPORT 2016: Social Nihilism reaches peak

The end of the year brings the usual dry, self-serving retrospectives from established media institutions, but nowhere is this informed retrospective process more intense or urgent than at Fun Social Nihilism (FSN).

The events of 2016 could not have been scripted better to produce and prove the ascendancy of social nihilism. Every relevant chart of social decay and bio-physical decay has become a stark depiction of the tyranny of the bell-curve slide, that horrific seemingly weightless descent after unregulated rise that re-enacts the “yeast in a vat” primal experience highlighted by William Catton.

American politics is chart no. 1, and to show the maddening influence of fascism and corporate money, we have a winner, all across the board. 2016 has been one public horror after another, so that even the purported “opposition” can throw up a vice-presidential candidate who used “boondoggle” to represent what the big banks enjoyed after 2008, though the word means the exact opposite. Trump, Clinton, Bernie, climate change denialism, idiotic religious invocations, epic “progressive” balderdash, blatherskiting “business” deification – no need ever to go on with the documents, it’s social nihilism, today and tomorrow.

The human-caused peril of the environmental sources and protection of human life climbed higher into danger zones, all across the planet. Atmospheric C02 is rising higher than ever, despite having been publicly identified as a major threat to human prosperity since 1960, the penultimate year of boomer births. The ocean’s deoxygenation and plastic debris charts and dwindling freshwater supply and  whatever other “peak” crises need to be mentioned were similarly unabated and strengthened during 2016.

Trans-national corporations celebrated great strategic gains in 2016, preparing massive parties for December 2016 to commemorate their ill-gotten destruction of humanist principles. Weapons manufactures bribed their way to record sales to all corners of the globe. Oil companies, frackers, tech cults, Big Pharma, spectacle producers, concussion-protocol delivery services, all fully entrenched  members of the supersystem, consolidated their deranged hold on the instruments of oppression.

Long-victimized minorities received ever-expanding forms of institutional subversion  – blacks in America once again dehumanized by white supremacy machines (TrumpHate, no reparations anywhere, etc) , workers subjugated more fully by neoliberal anti-unionism all across the world, family planning and contraception thwarted by Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish religious venality.

There’s not a single ray of hope left for in social reality, though academia still trots out the big lie of  “edumacation.” With all that evidence pointing toward only one conclusion, the entire worldwide staff of FSN is working overtime to buzz-market social nihilism as the year’s Big Theme at the end-of-the-year parties, and will be sending out teams of operatives to counter all the lying hype about “change” and “growth” and “effective outreach” bullshit that the managers of the supersystem want to announce between toasts to humanity’s darkest year.

Remember, the “fun” starts with refusing to be coerced into lie-based hope. Celebrate 2016 the right way, with the rejoinder that only humans have produced as a form of cognitive existential protest: Though we are all entrapped, we did not make it so. Good times!

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