One Huge Factor Not Discussed

There’s a lot of cheeseball hand-wringing with its requisite folkish-uplift at the end coming from the “libertarian/progressive” sites like the virulently anti-atheist site after the fascist putsch of 2016, and one great factor has gone fully unvoiced: the role of  Christianity in placing the Racist-In-Chief in power.

Here’s a sniplet from some dismal spot called the National Catholic Register:

There was a divide in support among weekly churchgoing Christians and those who do not attend church as frequently. Exit polls showed Trump winning among weekly churchgoers 56% to 40%, while among those attending a “few times a year” there was basically an even split.

Clinton enjoyed a large victory (31 points) among those who do not attend religious services.

Yeah, there it is in black and white. For every accommodationist or milquetoast atheist or “moderate” theist who wants to deny sociological truth, here is the proof.

Again, if there are arguments to be made, Clinton was by far more “religious” in her ridiculous stump speeches, as was the born-again Obama, than the Racist-in-Chief.  The pathetic state of American anti-politics is not the issue, but the voters’ brand of idiocy is, and that is where “religion” ceases to be an innocuous diversion. Christianity in America is a myth-based, anti-humanist doctrine of irrationalism, and to have selected the computer chip for the Racist-In-Chief is a pure manifestation of that lunacy.

Now it will be four year of Regent University, Bob jones University nutjobs ascending to  power in Washington DC, all operating, like they did in the dank, immoral GW Bush days, without restraint. You want a job in Washington now? Highlight your Christian fanaticism ,and you’ll be Under-Secretary of whatever-you-want-to-be, or even Supreme Court judge –  for Life.

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