Closing Up Shop

The Trumpquake of 2016 should have had profound effects upon the prevailing institutions of American life.

A. All the political science departments of the academy should have declared themselves null and void, and closed up shop, if all that high-priced tuition and symposia and endowed chairs of poli sci gallimaufry would leave this illiterate (“speach”) gangster voted in by an antiquated system  combining massive non-voting with voting white Christian racists from the countryside.

B. All of the higher academies and secondary institutions should have immediately closed up shop, if the entire political and financial establishment is staffed by hedge fund criminals, white Christian racists, corporate drones without a single humanist inclination, yet each one unchallenged with a worthless “degree” from a corporate-endowed credential mill.

C. All of the churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, ashrams, mediation centers, high-priced vacation resorts, art exhibitions, music halls, and Advance Auto Parts stores should have immediately self-issued a self-applying cease-and-desist order, as the brutal reality of the intellectual corruption, moral rot, and painstaking stupidity of the supersystem was laid bare. All of the moneyed white Christian racists should be immediately, and without delay,  stapled to a hobgoblin truck and driven endlessly around the techno-dystopia of their refurbished creation.

Then let’s start over, gang!

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