Problem for Fun Social Nihilism: Everything’s coming out homicidal.

What do our most tenured and feted writer/ thinkers say about the America with the fat clown as two-million loser President-Elect? Do they stop and question the value of thought and conscience and humane consideration, when the social power of government and institutional control is so palpably on the side of stupidity, nazism, Christian idiocy, and human self-destruction?

Of course not, but FSN does, which is why every social thought gets coated with such intense animadversion.

Note: Sorry about the fat reference – fat people deserve sympathy, love from their intimates, and help for their socially-induced overeating and lack of exercise, but not the Racist-in-Chief, a poster demiurge for gluttony because of his toxic heedlessness and virulent lack of self-control.

Yet the Racist-in-Chief is but a symptom of the colossal horrors on  nearly all sides wrought by the supersystem, which is why the reading and writing are tending towards unhelpful visions and  hate-driven vituperation.

  1. Blame the teachers – none of the nazi right should have ever received an elementary graduation, let alone a high school diploma.

2. Blame the Internet – no pestiferous nazi should ever be allowed to use the world’s server farms to engage in fact-less ideological poisoning.

What happened to Quality Control for humanity? Where did our capacity for collective self-regulation go? The Tea Party has won seat after seat, governorships, Silicon Valley, and now the Executive Branch, and all the Occupados got was a city councilwoman or two and the faux-economic populism of F-15  Bernie, ginnin’ up the folkies  to “Bring Those Factory Jobs Back!”


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