Social Conscience

For those struggling to maintain their hold onto the value of their minds, the current supersystemic farrago of stupidity offers daily mockeries of their social conscience. What’s it like to be poor? What’s it like to be a woman needing birth control or an abortion? What’s it like to be a bored student, seat-prisoner in his or her propaganda mill? What’s it like to be skeptic or doubter, forced to contend with the enormous oppression of routinized religious bigotry?

No, it’s whatever opinions strike the typer-talker that matter, not the lives of others fated to be met with wave after wave of socially-formulated fascism. In today’s atomized, hyperbaric techno-dystopia, no one wants to see the darkness and the damage done, since whatever ills befall others, they must be somehow earned. The economic horror of 2008, so clearly the mark of a bestial economic system that rewards lying, corrupt corporate banking, is laid instead at the feet of the victims, and promises to rise again with the installment of the idiot-in-chief.  Vicious, palpably insane “conservatives” blame anyone but their own stupidity and their own inept and callous leaders for the rampaging social ills that corrode any sense of decency that could be left in the land. The self-evident historical horrors of white supremacy continue to fester in countless ways, permitting vast avenues of moronic racist bile to permeate the air, the employment lines, the courts, the city streets.

Where should the human capacity for extending honor, endowing others with communal dignity, finding beauty amidst degradation, and other lesser humane virtues emerge? Only through social nihilism, the anti anti-politics, the non-windbaggery of spirited individual antagonism to our supersystemic collapse. There will have to be a beauty found somewhere, a beauty that is not prolix, or vainglorious, or made of milquetoast.

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