Humans are a Fanciful Species

There really is not much need for “social media” or for the reams of books, monographs, and self-published masterpieces – the conclusion of all the data is that humans are a fanciful species. They fight likes birds on the same branch to obtain a louder, more commanding voice that can impress others, leaving rationality and logic behind when fighting for air space.

Since there is no common authority to pronounce truth out of the complexity of social assertion, fanciful ideas that can directly contradict evidence acquire massive cultural backing, even if they are built on fatuous supposition. Trying to establish a hold on the proper integrated understanding of all the varied social phenomena of this or any age becomes an impossibility, since there is no way to reconcile all the competing claims. We know what is stupid, what is vain and ridiculous and without any hope of veracity, but we as individuals lack the persuasive powers to knock down the edifice of social and institutional support that these ingrained irrationalities enjoy.

And we are as individual selves are subject to the sway of our own dream states, which emerge nightly to disarrange any grip on “sustainable” reality. WE should not not stop in any way trying to maintain our hold upon the values of skepticism and informed counter-thinking, but there is not much a social future for it, least of all on the wasteland of social media.

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