A major baleful side effect of the white-Racist polito-quake of 2016 has been an increase in undirected Interent typings from the energized opposition. The anhedonic folkish side  is now pissed-off, mad at something or other or every damn thing, shaking in outrage over bad guys and evil portents and perfidy and vote fraud and -isms aplenty – and this on the humanistic side, the one with a working brain, though lost in anti-sex religiosity as always.

This was lost a long, long time ago, when the rearguard action against the 60s hippie bomb-throwers brought about a moronic horror named Ronald Reagan, and this fascist movement now has another cabinet of billionaire bozos, one selected by the apocalypse  to exemplify the worst of humanity.  FSN understood the heart of darkness that beat in the middle of the America ass a young child, and these times are only a prophesy brought to awful ,catastrophic fruition.

Though, to be fair to the truth, FSN did not believe that the weight of social reality could become this absurd. Who wants to be right about nihilism, after all?

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