Social Nihilism and Consumering Catastrophe 2016

If you are a reasonably alert and intelligent sort of upright bipedal ape, you know that “climate change” is really “climate catastrophe,” and that this year’s news is beyond bad. The  election has put in a Murderers’ Row of the most cherished, precious amalgamation of lunatics, knuckle-dragging nullities, climate-change deniers, billionaires, millionaires, white Christian fascists, outright simpletons, and fully dangerous criminals the developed world has seen since the heady days of Adolf & his rag-tag boys.

Sure, the Bush Two and the Reagan I and the Bush 2 also featured the likes of these horrible, purulent neocon fanatics, but this is a breath-taking arrangement of anti-humanists, every last one of them. Now, the Obama cabinet was a neoliberal nightmare also, but this is in another league of doom entirely, which should have you shaking your head with every “breaking news” fake-out from the silly bots at CNN.

Yet this is the consumer-spending season, and damn if you didn’t buy another piece of earth-destroying  electronic rare earth mineral gadgetry. Yes, you did. Yes, we did.   Sorry – that’s the way it goes. We are all social nihilists, down to our core actions of buying and thinking, because we can hold many ideas in pure and magnificent  knowledge, but we act as species in line with the many dominant strands of social reality.  Sure, we can read about the hellish winter unfolding in the Arctic, and know that the Paris accords were a joke of a “voluntary” agreement, but neither we, nor they, nor anybody else is going to stop richworld humanity from grabbing those $150 flatscreens while we can.

What will life be like for us in our advanced old age, when climate catastrophe is “breaking news”? At least we can watch in style,  and blame some of history’s most suitable idiots, the lunkhead capitalist criminals now moving their servants and spittoons into some gated DC townhouse compound.

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