Morons Now in Full Charge of America’s War on Poor People

The latest cabinet appointments to the Racist-In-Chief’s Murderers’ Row are beyond any form of comment – these are full-grade, double-barrel horror-morons, the worst line-up of no-account sleazebags of any US team yet assembled. This is the acme of the supersystem’s corruption – anti-government, anti-humane, super-white Christian billionaire freaks put in positions of power by a clownish criminal and his “change”-seeking idiot fans.

To be fair, however, their predecessors were also neoliberal or neoconservative Christian mountebanks and criminal corporatists, all throughout the post-war debacles of both US parties’ reign of ineptitude.  While humanity always can establish an “objective” morality for its time, using the great inheritance of hypothesis-testing of the still ongoing Scientific Revolution, the obvious conclusion is that Wrong is the victor over Right.

This is what differentiates social nihilism from the other competing forms of social or political thought – the ability  to know that we can determine a fairly precise yet always provisional view of our social reality, and yet still see the amalgamation of global social failure as  truly awful and injurious to the common fate of humanity.  No matter how preposterous are our leaders, how debased and immoral and irrational are the debates about social issues on social and anti-social media, the brute and ridiculous fact is that the morons are now running the show, here in the US and increasingly in other “developed” regions of this threatened planet.

For any important social reality, from economic protection against rapacious capitalizers to defense of the natural environment,  from the rights of women and men  to sexual health and family planning to the promotion of evidence in articulating social initiatives, it’s the morons in charge everywhere. No mechanism exists to stop the global transnational extraction and production of fossil fuels and Happy Meal toys. No mechanism exists to bring the 80% of humans in poverty to a share of the foundations of a decent life. No mechanism exists to stop the propaganda and assaultive power of Stone Age religions upon the rights of poor people.

There will be protests, of course, as the idiocies and terminal hatreds of this US White House incarnation of racism, anti-intellectualism, gluttony, and sloth starts up its lunatic four -year run. Humans do not need, however,  to hear more speeches from F-15 supporting blowhards, or apartheid-allied phony populists of the center, or Occupado collegiate fantasists. Marching in a kettle box earns great overtime-supplied fishing boats for the uniformed wing of today’s fascism, and earns nothing but great scorn from the jeering crowds of knuckle-draggers.

Issues, though, do not go away. The ongoing, ramped-up war on poor people, which also includes themselves as brainwashed self-patrollers, will produce so many more victims. Larger theaters of technowar, enforced  poverty for wider US masses, vicious predatory political and juridicial fascism, abortion-provider-targeting, prison-like schooling, stupefying Christian fundamentalist media, clear and televised attacks upon the lives of people and the natural world in the connected globe  – all of these coming attractions will not be capable of being ignored.

Social nihilism decries the history and the myths that have brought humanity to such peril from its own self-governmental incapacity, but it recognizes the enduring worth of rational and emotional  human strength.  Thanks to atheists, and humanists, and progressive scientists, we have a collective wisdom about who we are as a species, how our social institutions work or fail, and where our limitations as a bias-laden protoplasm lie. If social nihilism can redirect the folkish  self-ennoblement of the usual “resistance,” there can be some fun and moral integrity in the coming battles, and not the usual, maddening defeat by the power-controlling morons -and that means you, Pruitt and Carson and Flynn and Devos and…

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