Living Under Occupation

With the Cabinet picks now in place, the most macabre of performance art  has now finished its preparations and pre-stage warm-ups – it’s Occupation Time.

The manipulators are  first-rank fascist absurdists – everything they have done, from inserting rickrolling into the unsuspecting First Botoxian’s one speech,  to nominating the worst possible, most openly barbaric, least qualified to remain considered sentient, cabinet appointments in history, including the latest joke of all political jokes, Rick Perry,  has been the installation of the super-rich’s prerogative to prosper while all else, and all others,  becomes subservient to this elaborate meta-joke upon the inheritance of humanist Enlightenment.

As this lunatic pre-opening finishes up its last arm-ups, , the Performance Art’s main act  will commence, a four-year period of only the highest depravity – tax cuts for the already vomitous class;  technowar incursions and explosions across the batted Third World; military pomp and parade in civilian institutions; religious political propaganda pushed to the forefront of workplaces, schools, hospitals, and prisons; the concerted destruction of public support for humane public policy.

Not that these horror clowns began this project – since Carter, this production has been ramping up, in countless ways of stage-managing empire, war, and financial tyranny for the rich, by Democrats and liberals as well as fascist Republicans, but this was the coup de grace, the epic consolidation, the triumph of the last stage of  pitiless, gangster American raj rage against the forces of social betterment. The curtain is about  be lifted, and the Big Joke shall be played.

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