What’s Next for Atheism?

The future:  Doubt about, and antagonism towards, the established religious dogmas of the world continue their stealth infiltration of the absurdist modern mind. Fun times! Watch the battles rage, in uneasy houses, chat boxes, message machines, and backyard barbecues across this befouled planet.

What will be good about this unfair fight? Religious nonsense has had millennia to intertwine with social consciousness, but the far greater tensile strengths of scientific and humanist inquiry are formidable opponents to the psychic downtroddens of the monotheistic sub-variety.

The numbers of adherents themselves mean little for the truth of the assertions. Moms, Dads, heads of cave communities, seers, gurus, maniacal monks, and philosophers of antiquity and recent passage are all capable of socially reinforced error – any decent history will show the easy sway of unreason and illogic upon the fearful rodent-like being currently sitting before glass screens. Religion, especially in the United States, is not innocuous – it the reigning philosophic culture underneath so much sanctioned hatred, inhumanity, social suffering, and rampaging “isms” that make the internet/social world such a hideous place of intemperate lies and evasions.

In response to these evident corruptions of the mind, humans can sort themselves into sects of study, with small intellectual codes and monkish jargon.  Philosopee- fear-os-ophir – fir -asso-try – whatever the word is, humans have done it badly, with far too much veneration of lunatics and self-aggrandizers of the worst sort.  No one needs to listen to evident fakirs and fakers, as if we were seated as powerless children in the pews of dead churches before priests of horror. Religion has been one long descent into epic madness, and it is best left behind, entirely, to rot into oblivion as surely as any of the other ancient mystical practices suborned to the dictates of mass hysteria. As antitheists, there is no need to be verse in verse, steeped in any of the Abrahamic micro-delusions, or be accommodationists to the vestiges of nostalgic practices of our afflicted ancestors.  If you want to join the rising global antipathy to religion, if you can leave  behind the social obligations of entrenched authoritarian cultures, you’ll be free in no time at all.  There is nothing to religion, after all – it is as dubious any any evident lie.

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