US Christians vs. US Atheists: 156.8 million versus 3.6 million –

Let’s set the numbers out – there are roughly 156 million Christians in the US, and roughly 3.6 million atheists/agnostics. This is an appalling, distressing number, whatever qualifications we may want to attach to this statistics. Religion may be waning in several other developed countries, but 156-3 is a terrible score in any sporting endeavor.

The “Nones” may represent up to 25% of the public, a figure that has grown mightily in the last decade, but “Nones” are not all atheists, and many in fact are religious believers in all but affiliations. Wobbly, undecided, unformed ideas and stances are not the same as determined, effective conclusions, which should remove agnostics and most of the “Nones” from the atheist side. Of the 3.6 million, how many would admit to being “antitheismists”? Under 1 million – perhaps 5,000?

There is no god, there are no gods, there  is only magical and wishful thinking that goes into these professions of supernatural “faith,”  yes, that is self-evident, but the great mass of this country is monstrously irrational about these fundamental realizations.  Religions propagate through established means of cultural invasiveness, being permitted at every opening to infiltrate throughout vulnerable populations such as ours, reinforcing themselves at every opportunity.

Despite all the knowledge engendered by the Scientific Revolution, we are still afflicted by a myth-infected, officially enforced Stone Age anti-human inheritance. 156-3  or 156 to 1, we stand no chance of winning this game. Yeah, we’ve got some cool T-shirts, and we know that truth is on our side, but look at the scoreboard. The cretins are way, way, way  ahead. Time to yell at the refs.

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