Humanity has been given the stark, brutal  diagnosis: we have a terminal, aggressive, incurable disease: ourselves, or to be more precise, our social institutions, termed the “supersystem.”   This is a new era of informed medical communication, and here it is, just in time. We can do absolutely nothing about this, and this terminal disease will cause untold suffering along the way. Sure, we are free to find a second opinion, and there will be some quacks offering a scam or two of naturopathy or homeopathy (renewable energy, Feel the Bern, blogging, UBI, ancestry worship)  but this genetically inherited disease is our destined condition.

As with most humans, we will end up trying most proffered medical technology to prolong our lives, no matter what the cost or the amount of physical suffering that will be visited upon ourselves or our poor care-takers.  This is going to be, very soon, a 24-7 situation: round-the-clock, “selfless” sacrifice from designated or unfortunate others who will minister to every economic, social, and financial need so that this afflicted body keeps on going for another day.  All the addictive substances that placed us in this terminally-diseased present will continue to be obtained by the most advanced means. Oil will be found, no matter how deep or how much processed, to enable the F-150s to carry their phantom cargo on the way to the McJob. Mongolian habitats will be pulverized and chemicalized with inventive, criminal intensity to supply us with our rare-earth handheld antisocial media cell phone injection devices.

This is a collective disease, of course, but some will die fast, some will die after long and protracted courses of frenetic fossil fuel usage. The disease may be denied by some, such as the American psychotic users now currently occupying the White House and the CEO positions, but the medical professionals know that these Trumpian morons were only the worst of the virus-infected cases, the most  cognitively-impaired front edge of the entire wave of climate destruction seekers. In this case, simply being human meant getting exposure to the disease, which has been a latent virus in the human experience since the transition to an industrial incursion into the self-destructive powers of buried carbon fuel.

This fatal disease is an outgrowth of the human ability to manipulate fire, which has built within its properties the propensity to grow ever wider in its rings of destructiveness.  Humans cannot restrain this fascination with burning, can never hold at bay the core interest in finding the next eruption of concentrated heat. Today, when the planet’s worst offenders, the filthy rich of the First World, are locating ever-more effective ways to arrogate to themselves tax breaks and tax reductions and tax havens,  the disease can be seen to have spread to the nodes of social action located in the neofrontal cortex.

All right, don’t we all feel better for knowing the truth? As chronic diseases go, we can cope better knowing it wasn’t really our “fault” – this was inherited. Nothing we could have done, or can do now, will avert the disease’s spreading. Perhaps we will die of some other disease, but that is not what the charts say – nuclear war, world war, worldwide economic chaos, killer bugs, supervolcanoes, and asteroid attacks are contra-indicated in our family history, so we should try to treat ourselves as being addicts committed to self-destruction through environmental destruction.


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