Got to Get Going on Good Times

Enough time is being wasted, in this late stage of capitalist technological displacement, to use Randall Collins’ term in his epic chapter in Does Capitalism Have a Future, on the essential product of the supersystem:  anomie, alienation, screeds, jeremiads, rants, death metal, animadversions, dislikes, pet peeves, aimless rejections, anger, bile, contumely, tattoo pictures, tragedy movies, MMA, intra-familial dislike. This has created that totemic image of supersysemic modernity: the crankfuck, as was formulated on FSN way back.

Time has not dulled the numbers of them, and the Interwebs has provided the world’s number one  home for this kind of sad sack: trolls, misanthropes, anti-socialists, anti -SJWs everywhere, locked in pissed-off typing mode. This becomes pointless, and dispiriting, and is no way to run a railroad.

 The universe does not care about your problems. Yes, you were born to live during the epoch of the supersystem, and there are social deficiencies across the board, across the universe, and they cannot be ignored. Climate catastrophe, horrific war, anti-politics as far as the contemporary world can extend. There is no solution for any of them at the macroscopic level. So what? There are great and good humans who know this score, from Turkey to Kuwait to your own family and friends, if only somewhat.

Humans are who were are, so only if we hate ourselves can we term ourselves “misanthropes.” As social beings, we thrive when we are engaged in common tasks, but the supersystem is set up to thwart the viability of any common endeavor.  Though it may not be easy, and it may never happen for many of us, we have an on-going, existential need to be physically active, to find ways to find salubrious engagements with our social reality, and to smack our ideas around with others.

There are great many ways to waste this search for purpose, or meaning: irrational, dead-end dogmatic delusions like religion, gaming, fantasy fiction, foodieism, psychotropic drugs, celeb worship, higher education, poetry, over-blogging, anti-social media, concussion sports, helicopter parenting, workaholism.  These avenues are the main thoroughfares for the trapped human social animal, and they will continue, to the detriment of all involved.

What is the alternative? To find an informed balance, to see the humor and the pathos of all of us, including ourselves. One method, recommended by FSN, is to become a non-functional life form (NFLF) on the job, or when engaged in necessary but corruption-laden social necessities. Have a set of principles, a genuine humanism, which likely precludes you from active service in the corporate overworld, the higher academic overworld, the military overworld, but do not become an institution-based oppressor. Earn a paycheck, if you can, but engage with the reigning idiocies to the least extent possible.   There are a great many folks, across the world, who are doing this kind of oppositional living, who read, listen, write, build and repair, stumble and laugh, despise and drift.


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