Against the Man of the People

The confirmation hearings for these performance art white zombies has been epic farce, but then has always been the plan for these Norquistian antihumans. Fox News was a staggeringly successful inside joke,  intended and signaled as troglodyte revenge by its obviously fraudulent, winking  tagline of being “Fair and Balanced.”  Same with the worst collection of humans ever designated to head parts of government: the forces selecting them went for the most obviously worst, achieving a hipster’s level of meta-irony that must be delighting these demented frat-prankers.

Yet the “opposition” is taking these absurdist agitprop displays as if these are “serious matters,” churning out endless hope-and-resistance punditries as if once, again, the micro-Left is but one good turn of the ship’s wheel from instituting puppies-for-all singalongs in e’vry corner.   This, as all good students of social nihilists know, is preposterous.   There should be a “hot-key” that can list the fresh-to-the-minute, breaking-development infused Litany of all Major Things wrong with the supersystem, but some people seem to need constant reminding that this is not HappyWorld. The social horrors of the institutions that dominate our world are forever being deepened and extended: the US military, the trans-national corporations, the religions, the corporate education mills, the courts, on and on, that Litany that never does much but hammer the nail further into the board.

Political opposition, in this supersystem,  inevitably turns the scorning scourge rancid. Paul Street, now pasting forth daily on yet another dawn before the Peoples’ Revolution in the center micro-L, libertarian-religio-friendly Counterpunch, is now channeling the fake populism of the alters into toppled-over commenteering. Street retails one  Man of the People,

to quote a white university maintenance worker I spoke with last summer, “know-it-all pencil-pushers who don’t give a flying fuck about regular working guys like me.”

This worker voted for Trump “just to piss-off all the big shot (professional class) liberals” he perceived as constantly disrespecting and pushing him around.

There is democracy for ya, giving some raving dumbass the torch  of political victimhood.   What makes “regular working guys” a synonym for the Light and Conscience of the World? What claim does this whimpering  clown have upon “respect”? Operating light machinery bestows sainthood and elevated political consciousness on our Archie here?  Being a Man of the People has been the ideal for many of the historic and contemporary  micro-left, but there is no beneficent holiness attached to being a working jackass.   Pencil-pusher or lawnmower jockey, everyone has to earn their way to this 80’s-style notion of “R-E-S-P-E-CT,”  so if Mr. King-of-the-Hill Butthurt here wants to screw the world because he’s not being invited to the philosophy seminars, why does Street seem to want to join in on the Budweiser parade?  Who cares who elected the racist-in-chief, and what their alleged “grievances” were – there’s  a line of real victims of the supersystem, and their only problems are  that they are in other countries, without jobs, and  dead.


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