Social Nihilism Marches – OK, Well No, It Didn’t

Really, really nice people took to the streets by the millions on Saturday, across the world,  to register their firm, restrained, yet “fierce” determination to not like this Damn Turd Pol guy, and to be ready to march again, without needing to be arrested, if there is so much as one harm done to another person anywhere in the world from this new regime – well, not really, but we should let all the other speechifiers and nice folks with condensed micro-sayings have the mic. They, the women’s marcheteers,  earned it, they came out in massive numbers, and they can try to make all the moral suasion translate into whatever they want, but the Tea Party already beat them to the Presidency, the governorships, the Congress, the courts, your next spring barbecue with the relatives, so thanks for the nice sentiments, but the Snarky McShitbrains of the social nihilist micro-type are still in the right, for whatever good that does humanity.

All the babble-babble-talk-rebabble-snark/babble-talkback doesn’t vitiate ( a two-cent word that should be outlawed, and should never be confused with its next-door neighbor vindicate) the heights of awfulness that have been reached by our supersystem.  And there is no point in listening to speeches that you cannot talk back to, and must go along with despite unanswerable dismal rhetoric. . Gloria Steinem extolled “Our Great Leader Barack Obama” – wait, the neoliberal con artist? The one who bombed so many, who never did a single thing for the inner city ghettos, the  unctuous Christian with intense disregard for the lives of the poor, the lives of doomed humanity, and great abiding alliance with billionaires, oil company CEOs, credit-card extorters, and all the rest of the criminal corporate capitalizers?

Madonna voiced the opinions of many mentally ill people who do not have her fame, and Ashley Judd did a nice psycho-thespian rendition of a poem by a young woman who positively name-checked “Condoleeza”- wait, the one who fascist war criminality was only once dealt with proper public scorn by the blood-throwing performance artist?  Posters and speakers featured women in hijabs- wait, that’s “empowerment,” to conceal your beautiful hair because of some ancient Stone Age patriarchal admonition? Ashley really got into the part of that young slam-poet objecting to men undressing her with their eyes, expecting a unzippering of their pants in return – wait, is this now an anti-sex “movement”? Where’s the fun in that?

And here is Pastor Hedges, once again, to rock the house and energize the faithful:

The days ahead will be dark and frightening. But as Immanuel Kant reminded us, “if justice perishes, human life on earth has lost its meaning.” We fight for the sacred. We fight for life. It is a fight we must not lose. To be a bystander is to be complicit in radical evil.

Wait, what “sacred” are we talking about, Pastor? Dead animals? Polluted air? Obscene levels of global wealth inequality, for which America is now the global leader (well, in second place  according to the World Economic Forum)?  “Sacred” is a term for the junk-heap, as is “fight,” since a “fight” implies an opponent that is being confronted with genuine resistance, not with doom babble and colorful signs that will end up in some landfill. Yet here is Pastor Hedges, along with all the other god-botherers  of the newly emboldened folkish center-left,” calling us non-followers of the lectern “complicit in radical evil.” OK, then just shoot us. What more can we be guilty of, then to be such accomplices and perpetrators?

To the ramparts! First, though, we’ve got to get some good Chinese. Then we have to work at our stupid jobs tomorrow. And Damn Turd Pol will still be president, and the phalanxes of illiterate Trump voters (check our their comments-section misspellings for a truly awesome sight of self-confessed stupidity) will be urging their idiot fascist politicians to destroy more lives through war, guns, anti-abortion rules, climate destruction, billionaire tax charity, and any of the horrific, moronic anti-political initiatives that will  brighten CNN and the police unions’ back-pockets with their unremitting, contentious, advertising-generating venality.

FSN should be fair: nice rhetoric is better than bad rhetoric. Nice rhetoric is also better than bad action, which has been the state of the supersystem  going back  centuries. Yet nice rhetoric is still  powerful falseness, since nice rhetoric never has intruded into the on-going social horror of the supersystem. Sorry to keeping raining on the parade, but fair is fair.

This message of social nihilism has, once again, been brought to you by the official site for the Snarky McShitbrains of the world,  FSN. Now go back to your precious specious uplift, you knuckleheads!

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