The Utter Loathsomeness of Born-Again Conservatives

The American landscape is littered with foul-brained profit-worshippers, and they all seem to have college degrees, wear suits, and now are being anointed as cabinet appointees in Das Racist-in-Chief’s Cabinet of Dr. Caliguri. The worst ones, though, predate this onslaught, since this sleaziest, most offensively doltish kind have been minted in American’s non-functioning Ivy and sub-Ivy credential mills since the late 70s. Who are these lead Praetorians of criminal deviousness? Let’s admit that Barack Obama is one of them, so is Michelle, so was Hillary, so this crosses over the two-party divide, though of course the American Fascist Party  (Rep-Anywhere) stands atop this sub-group. The historical significance of these depraved, mendacious, unctuous  professionals is that they all had exposure to the humanist ideals of communitarian social betterment, yet bent to the winds of profit-chasing  establishment libertarianism – okay, capitalism, in a word.

Barack Obama had a non-religious, socially progressive mother, yet chose while in graduate school to become a lackey of arch-fiend Zbigniew Brzezinski. Michelle Obama was dipped in the privileged healing waters of third-stage (fourth, fifth, who knows?) feminism, yet became a corporate lawyer and corporate theist. The possible Supreme Court white man mentioned for Das-Racist’s attack upon human decency all have fairly strong ties to the “progressive” side of American social ideology -either through their alleged education, or through their family association with Democratic politics, or through some other family connection. Yet these vile hypocrites, and the millions of lesser hedge fund criminals and corporate sleaze adherents and phony parental theists and stock  traders and fully mobbed-up purveyors of supersystemic class hatred, turned their backs on the Enlightenment privilege of social humanism.

There is no excuse of culture or propaganda to soften the charge against these cretins. They grew up after the rebellions of the 60s, they had all the unearned wealth of the American century to buffet their little minds on the way to an adult identity, but instead of becoming critics of empire, these little hellions became its new armed guard. Mesmerized by the allure of stolen riches and imaginary social command, these dutiful robots wrote what their professors wanted, they stayed in the pews for a chance to feel superior, they mouthed whatever stupefying, illogical platitudes the tech gurus used to make their millions, and yet they had a chance to have turned out entirely different than these heedless, churlish managers of the new brand of fading empire.

Why did they become such turncoats?  Why did they throw all the promise of a Montessori, prize-awarding, lavishly leisure-pursuit-endowed childhood into such a grim, unreflective,  miserable corporate monster adulthood? Somewhere along the line the switch clicked, and they became the obverse of humanists. The fault may lie in the floppiness of humanist education itself, its refusal to confront these little lickspittle wanna-be’s when they turn that rancid brand of late-stage conservative, or it may lie deep within the resident psyche of privilege.  There is no known cure, and these turncoats against humanity are the leaders and thinkers and opiners of renown and wide dissemination, and now generational diffusion. They are everywhere, each one of them an entire social loss.


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