Anti-State of the World

The people who have done the most to further the pace and scope of climate destruction are now in political control, as the Arctic and Antarctic go through unprecedented warming conditions. Sense a massive looming difficulty for the human species?

The people with the most anti-human, anti-science views are in political control in the largest military and industrial hegemon the world has ever known, just as the sixth great extinction ramps up. See big, big problems ahead?

The gift of human cognition has become allied with the curse of human technological destructiveness, giving us the power and the lack of social control that will be more than sufficient to render broadly  uninhabitable the only planet we can survive on, in most of our lifetimes. Our best analysis, through the nascent field of human extinction science, is that humans will be hardy survivors as they have been for their history, but at an enormous, horrific, global cost of civilization, environment, ocean life, and relaxing leisure time watching of HD sporting events.

None of this will occur in a rational, reliable social venue. The American version, along with the other national powers across the world, is a kakistocracy, afflicted with an impoverished, anti-humanistic,  faith-based supersystem that rewards corporate profiteering, propagandized popular control, and criminal conduct from its rich. The amount of needless suffering engendered from this religion-suffused  bacon-double cheeseburger regime of externalized disease and death is incalculable, yet this is the social reality we will all contend with on our way to the retirees’ special hat day at the ballpark.

Despite this undeniable portentous structure of the present, humans are programmed by their limited brain patterns to seek equilibrium in their conditions, to minimize fear and panic and undesirable anxiety. Yes, what we do today is coasting this human and human-dominated social world to an ignominious crash around the next bend, but not yet, and not for us, so we’ll recycle and allow oil companies to drill wherever they can get to. We’ve got to think of our kids, and the seventh generation, right! So no abortions, more trillions for the military, more nuclear weapons for the big boys to play around with, more extortion rackets for the trans-national health insurance rackets, more religious-based hatred, but it will all be all right, for tonight we have telescreens ev’ywhere!

How will we live through this next epoch?  The malefactors will still be in plain sight, and many of these bacon-double-cheeseburger -stuffed folk will have retained much of their ill-gotten money, and most likely many of their non-coastal  McMansions. They’ll be the ones bitching about not getting the best medical services for their heart problems, their diabetes, their alcohol addictions. And who are we? Humanists, people trying to row against the super-current, but that’s not going to go that well, either, unless we start to illustrate this predicament with more gusto, and find some less hopey-changey forms of popular communication.  Good luck finding it, good luck making it, whatever that cognitive resistance might be, but social reality will always be the guiding star, however fraught the path will be.

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