“Business” Means Destruction

These benighted times are the fulfillment of the societal  embrace of  “business” as a positive concept by the neoliberal capitalizer social factory. If you want to like the word “business,” well here is your “business” on steroids and anti-depressants: a friendless, harrumphing, double-bacon double-cheeseburger-stuffed conniving, lying, non-educated rich kid turned malevolent uber-creep, Das Racist-In-Chief.

To place this in proper sociological context, though requires a social nihilistic appreciation of the mounting horrors of “business” throughout the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. The corporate-endowment factory of neoclassical credentialing has been stamping out dim-witted, business-friendly stooges for decades, populating Silicon Valley and transnational CEO seats with only the least intellectually capable, untested, mendacious slices of anti-humanists capable only of doing their due diligence to wreck of all the promise of the Enlightenment.

Because that’s all “business” is: selling crap. Selling more unneeded and harmful crap, like Amazon. Or selling crap services that destroy other people’s livelihoods through low-balling, like Uber or Walmart. Or selling death-dealing crap, like cigarettes, chemical-based junk food, laser guidance systems, and Coke. Or selling cultural crap for kids, to make them bedazzled crap-fed sitters. Or to steal crap from the ground next to Third World villages, to kill them, kill their habitats, and keep them fully impoverished.

Or these children of the post-war generations could ascend to supporting roles for crap-sellers. To be “lawyers” to get these transnational crap-selling criminal fronts an easy way to externalize their crap costs onto poor people. Or to be “educators” fostering the dissemination of more crap, giving these crap merchants the hideous illusion that a few tests passed on Shakespeare and Toni Morrison makes them ready to earn mega-millions through their stewardship of crap.

Reagan was an apostle of this “business” approach, as was every egregious regime of the American post-war, from Carter to Obama and the Clintons and the miserable Bush times that have comes back in the most distorted, theocratic form imaginable.

Put “businessespeople’ in charge, and there goes the notion of social fairness, and so too to the rights to restrain others from destroying the structures of nature that are necessary for human life. Let the word “business” seem an analogue for “intelligence,” and watch as an idiot casino owner/luxury hotel con artist destroys the temporary edifices of secular humanism, draping his rotund features in fake garments of Christian persecutorial anti-science.

Nobody who has been given the benefits of Enlightenment education should want to have single thing to do with “business,” which is where scoundrels and psychotics reside, but here we are, with the apotheosis of business, demonstrating with each fetid breath from Ross, from Puzder, from Devos, from Bannon, from Gorsuch, from Pence, how much damage the heedless pursuit of distributing crap can do to a person, a nation, a world, an intestinal system.

Start abjuring the word “business,” make it an epithet that must be constrained and regulated and made to suffer for all the abuses it has wreaked, and then we humans can start to have some fun again.

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