Again, American folkish Libs go Religion -Happy

The gate-keepers of American “opposition” are stuck in the folkish, anhedonic religious mode that produces such wan, dour, churlish lectern-thumpers. The delusions and lunacy of religion have never left their positions at the gate, so we continue to get -religion-saturated homilies in alleged opposition to the dominant religion-based fascism of the new Bircherite political superstructure.

A. Counterpunch reaches its new pro-religion low with a bilious, pro-bafflegab finger-wagging  from once-seminarian in Utica. Seems this is the Big Problem with our world now:

Religiophobes in  their hair-trigger antipathy to the religious fundies may miss the fact that religion – even the conservative evolution-denying kind – is a way of applying an imagination-based program to enlarge the meaning of everyday committed life in families, in communities, stable over lifetimes.

So this is where we have come to: to be an “atheist” is to be a “religiophobe”? Shall we seek a drug cure for the OCD compulsion to not go along with every God-utterance? The rest of the that blockquote is balderdash – what differentiates a heroin ride from an “imagination-based program”? Is an “everyday committed life” different from being dead? Then there is the next Shaker-styling:

Religion – not theirs but yours, mine – the inner adventure that must be taken on  – is key to the very project we are interested in: halting the unstoppable barbarism of corporate capitalism allied with American militarism and imperialism, and restoring a way of life that supports generativity, caring, neighborliness, and the pleasures of humanity-affirming culture.

Being an unreconstructed  Jesus Freak is going to stop Facebook, Das Racist-in-Chief, the DLC, Lockheed, Ali Baba, the whole supersystem?  What editor promotes this complete and utter bullshit?

Oh, the next one that gives weekly space to the raving, psychic-breakdown dirges of our favorite, Pastor Hedges. Here is folkish site Common Dreams editor’s pick-of-the week from Hedges:

We have the power to make the country ungovernable. But we do not have much time.

Right, yes, that is going to happen folks, you heard it here for the millionth time since Woodstock – we are going all-out, as the young idealist quoted by Pastor Hedges says,

We are going to have to disrupt the flow of commerce. We are going to have to disrupt the nodal points of distribution. We will not only have to figure out how to get on the highways, but disrupt and UPS.

Hold on there, flamethrower – the Rev means no packages? “Disrupt the flow of packages” – really, like the ones that go all over the world, including the more liberal redoubts? Where do you think Pastor Hedges gets his hair-shirts from -the local 5 and-dime? How happy are the People going to be when they realize the Peoples’ Revolution means a long wait for their low-priced toothpaste?

On top of this endless poppycock of non-happening forecasts of imminent rebellion are the crackpot fascists venting freely here with their disgusting, puerile hate in WordPressland – thanks, techmology! And yet all we have is the opiners at Fair now defining New Atheism for us:

‘New Atheist’ Islamophobia:

Here it is:

“New Atheist”—those who use the pretense of reason and liberal enlightenment to advance otherwise banal conventional wisdom about American and Israeli aggression in the Middle East.

Oh, so that’s who is behind the settlements, the Israeli enslavement of the Palestinians – not the fascists of the Obama/Trump alliance, not the great corporate liberal bastions of the campuses and Silicon Valley, but PZ Myers, Michel Onfray, and Sikuvu Hutchison?

Who needs to intervene in such irrational times? The right is fully loaded and ready to incinerate humanity, while the folkish, anhedonic micro-lib left wants to scream “-phobia, -phobia, Glory unto God in the HIGHESTTTTT” in response, and have us stop the Amazon/UPS trucks dead in their tracks.

Yeah, right.


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