Social Nihilism Borne Out in Casino Frenzy

The forces of “cultural evolution,” which has taken over from biological or natural evolution to control the imperiled destiny of humanity, has produced a supersystem that is shot through with horrific ramifications of terrible ideas.

These objective disasters can be seen practically anywhere across the globe, but in the US, a wonderful example of the grave perniciousness of fundamental stupidity and inhumanity can be seen in the casino craze. In the neoliberal model, human adults are supposed to yearn for “freedom,” but that is simply a  code word and con  that funnels the corporate employment of propaganda to further enslave vulnerable, mostly money-deprived people. “Freedom” of consumer choice is alleged, but this illusion is exploited by the corporate villains who will peddle any death-dealing substance, and widespread social horror-purveying “good,” all with the connivance of the fully corrupted social institutions.

Casinos are a consumer fraud, period. They offer no social good for the vast majority of addicts and fantasists that are drawn to their lie of easy money, but now strapped municipalities and craven state governments see an easy fix for their impoverished economic rescue plans. Bring the morons in by the air-conditioned busload, entice them with “entertainment” glitz and specialized, targeted drug delivery systems, and watch the marks empty their bank accounts in futile chase after bogus enticements of riches. The conniving politicians, the mute academic-intellectual establishment, the bought-and-sold mass media, and the loss-avoidant churches and synagogues and mosques are all driven by this embrace of predatory corporate capitalism, even if a few outliers make tiny sounds of objection.

Not everyone is so transfixed by the allure of easy megamillions as to fund the corporate state by emptying the threadbare wallet in search of Lotto or casino  winnings, but there is no political mechanism in the anti-political structure to stop these ensconced thieves. These casinos exemplify the dark, bitter core of the reigning capitalist  inhumanity, but they will burn brightly and then die, as the ravages of socially-supported poverty wrack up more victims, more children without intact homes, more substance abusers consoling their losing selves, more ghettos deprived of reparations.

Cheeseball  “artists” like Bruce Springsteen will happily exploit this criminality by appearing at these casinos, just like fraud “alt”-comedians like Randy and Jason Sklar will do unfunny, corrupt ads for junk-food corporate criminals Burger King, but FSN will never do a show at some ghetto-abutting candy-colored crematorium, nor accept a dime to endorse fat-burgers.  FSN represents utter moral purity, like that of the whitest marshmallow confectionary topping.

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