The Left Needs a Better Catchphrase Dept.

The social world now slips between parody and unimaginable reality. How can Yacht rock guitarist Jeff “Skunk” Baxter have become a real-life counter-terrorism “consultant” for Republican Congressnazis and huge transnational weapons dealers? How can the US military have visited such death and destruction on such faraway places, and yet the budget is now going to go trillions over trillions for more bombing killing of poor people?

And why does our beloved, dead, and yet assaulted left  want to advance a term like “intersectionality”?  Baffling, tone-deaf, prolix jargon has been the bane of the academy for decades, but this one, which should apply only apply to the practice of going to an intersection and waiting for the yellow man to appear, has zero heft. The “1%vs. the 99%” Graeberian coinage was good marketing for the Occupado crowd, although economic inequality is currently raging ever higher, an indication that marketing is not politics.  If the world is to go down in the hideous fascism of the anti-human white Christians of the US and A, there must be a creative resurgence that can grab the cultural moment with more incisive pop appeal.

Unlike the 60s, the campuses will not be the site of any cultural resistance. These have become camps,  absurdly tied to massive debt and corporate control, with chaplains for every religion that has been used since the tri-corner hat days to keep those kids in line with bogus propaganda designed to keep them moral and stupid. These campuses are now aflame with signs protesting “Islamaphobia,” which is a “phobia” that precisely 0 people have. Racists among the Christians and Jewish folk have inculcated and intense animus against Muslims, but that’s religion based-hatred, not a phobia such as OCD people have, or what snakes and heights inspire others, even loved ones.

A fine system will work: $500 to the coffers of FSN from any would-be leftist caught mindlessly repeating either term, either “intersectionality” – going to intersections and waiting endlessly for the yellow man – or “Islamaphobia,” which discounts any atheistic disavowal of the tenets or practices of that Stone age mysticism. To placate the collegiate of the world’s poor, for every anti-Muslim sentiment uttered by a First (or Fist) world atheist, 23 have to be stated alongside against the Christian, Jews, Hindus, Zorastrians, Scientologists, basket weavers, and any other irrationality-based “faith” who represent the wealthy oppressors of this listing world.

At some point, wordpress is simple social nihilism in action. The words are just text, and the “followers” get tired of the same-old warbling- jesus,  not more nea-saying bile from this self-absorbed wingnut. What’s new? What’s got that essential interactive freshness? Not this black-and-white void-shouting, so the views go down, down, to that pleasurable territory where all connections have been lost. Unlike the corporate purveyors of alt-comedy or “The Daily Show,” this is not a commercial transaction, where the dumb show must go on, even during this Age of the Damn Turd Pol, whose triumph shows the hollowness of pet-friendly “satire.” Chris Smith’s oral history of the Daily Show treats the ad-based  media form as some kind of glorious rebel uprising, but it is now a zero-view game, too. Jon Stewart yucked it up with too many generals and Weekly Standard Axis Sallys, and now the ship of Noah is sitting on dry land.   


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