Social Media, Work, and Silence

The great, astounding open web, and the global massive phone-based “social media” colossus invites one and all with a connection and a few spare bucks to join in, to fire away, to opinionize about this, that, your sandwich, the president, your likes, dislikes, keep those server farms going spewing clouds of carbon-dioxide-suffesed emissions day and night – but wait, there’s a catch, homes.

Evidently this invitation comes with an asterisk – anything you say, and please keep saying whatever you want, those corporate overlords say, we love padding our bottom line with your sweet innocent ramblings, chidings, animdaversions, and chuckle-headed nicro-pronouncements, but there is this catch – it’s all capable being of instantly monitored by a thousand different hidden agencies and their corporate friends, and for those of you unfortunates who actually work, who actually have to depend on the sustenance of your little nothing life from the continued willingness of your employer to sign those checks directly to you, well, there is this little thing – say something we deem wrong on this “open” invitation, in this land of “freedom of speech,” well then we’ve got grounds to fire your stupid fat-lipped self.

And if you are young, and want a job? Well, then, we, say the corporate overlords of the supersystem, we’ve got the grounds, which we’ll find by any means necessary, to deny you that job. You’ll never get the slightest wind that we deemed you a non-person for what you said, but that’s what you get for being so trusting, so wide-eyed with expressive wonderment, that you proved yourself unworthy of being our slave.

What you say can get your ass never hired, and what you say can get your ass fired. What a great world of social media! Think and speak away – those little gremlins of authoritarian deviousness are so happy you are providing them with the direct, traceable, legal ammunition.

This blog post courtesy of no one, not anyone, a lowly paycheck-earning no one, with not a name, not a presence, simply a slave, full of gratitude for the chance to keep earning that bowl of gruel, thank you overlords, praise Trump, praise new Falwells, praise higher academia, praise every church.

NOTE: Sure, sell us all some Tor, or some 39.88 encryption device – such  trustworthy stuff, made by the very government/corporate forces that these “hackers” claim to oppose.

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