The Fun Social Nihilist Ratings Guide (abridged)

Ratings – Numerical (0/10) Numbers are not expressions of thought, but vapid forms of anti-thought.

Neil Gorsuch (0/10)– Famously self-reported crying to the news of horror-judge Scalia’s timely death.  His one book is outrageously positioned against euthanasia, a necessary, humanist corrective to  religion-saturated promotion of suffering in life.

US Higher Academia (0/10) – Corporate, anti-humanist trillion-dollar waste.

Work in the Supersystem (0/10) – Enabler of  constant deception, demanding enormous self-adjustments of corrupt intransigence.

Religion (0/10) – Adherents can only be spoken about this topic to as if grandchildren. Complete waste of intellect and hope. Cults from top to bottom.

US politics (0/10) – Officially anti-politics. Cannot be the repository of the least form of interest. Now that it has reached bottom, it has nowhere to go.

Novels (0/10) – Not real.

 Facebook, Twitter, Snapgram, Youtube (0/10) Edging toward half a star in the case of Youtube, but offering nothing that profits the social world of human beings. Or maybe there’s great good times to be had checking in with all the great minds across the world, to the corporate delight of the server farms pumping carbon into the atmosphere- give it your own number, FSN has no reason to deny screenbound disembodied forms their diversions from actual life.

Sex, Love (10/10). Go get yourself some.

All Other Topics –  Tonight: 0/10) Too boring for comment.  Live in your mind.



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