FSN Call for Mass Deportations of Christians from the US to Their Holy Land Unopposed!

In the good news department, the recent bold call from FSN for the mass deportations of Christians and other monotheist Middle-Eastern anti-secularists, in the US and other secular republics,   has been met with total unopposition from the good people of WordPressland, so plans should be commencing forthwith, though that is going to mean a lot, a lot, of family break-ups, even within the global staff of FSN, so stay tuned for further developments.

Yes, the entire Damn Turd Pol White House will have to pack their bags for their Holy Land, and yes, the entire US Congress save perhaps one or two, and upwards of 97%  of the country at present, but fair is going to have to be fair, and we can have no divided loyalties here in our secular republic. If you are a Holy Booker, then there really is only one land for you, and El Al can fly you and your family there for a low cost, no return trip necessary.

In other news of the apocalypse, the magic bullet for the parlous, dismal state of the supersystem has been located in Jane Mayer’s Dark Money book. That’s what did it, not alone, but the bulk of it – the money, the trillions. The Koch criminals were a big source for that money that was stuffed  into every institutional crevice open in the supersystem, and that money, which was not “dark” in its real sense, since it came from the open practice of gangster corporate criminality,  gave us this new post-whatever social world.

Old  gangster corporate money has been around the US since its inception, but it was fairly dormant in its reach in the 1970s after the social upheavals of the 60s. Then that money got serious after its scare from the counter-culture, began to flood over the levees in the academy, in the political arena, in the courts, in the press rooms. That money has made rulers out of intellectual nobodies, the kind of no-account “elite” liberal arts students who parlayed their obsequious, dull-witted  “conservatism” into lucrative careers as hedge fund criminals, Gorsuchian judges, and tech libertarian robot CEOs.

All that ill-gotten money, its provenance and its distribution, is detailed in Mayer’s journalism, but to read it is to read an account of a murder – yours.When you get to the last page, the book will conclude with your epitaph. Who wants to read that? These perpetrators are hideous, deformed monsters, with enough familial dysfunction and filial abuse to stuff a shelf of Dickens, but they are your killers, and they are far too great in their command now to be stopped.

Laurie Penny, in the Baffler, notices that apocalypse is entering the general mood, deriving much fun from the barista notation “The end is nigh. Coffee helps.” Much of what Penny writes is good sociology, in our contemporary incarnation of the eternal human predilection for outside-malaise viewing, but she goes into hopethink with her citation of saleswoman Annalee Newitz’s enjoinder:

Every ruthless criticism of current politics should be tied in some way to an example of how to do things better.

Solutions, people! For, according to Penny,

If people cannot measure a future for themselves, all they can measure is what they’ve lost. Those who believe in the future are left, as they always were, with the responsibility of creating it.

Humans, and their perceived self-importance as individuals, will conquer most any attempt to be “rational”. We, as individuals in the supersystem,   do not “create” the future – we live and die as bystanders to every social reality.  Try, yes, really try to “create a future” when the trillions of dark money disbursement have rolled through the prone structures of the boardrooms, the courts, the classrooms, the halls of justice, WordPressland and the infested corners of the server farm interwebs, and the on-going childhoods of the next generations.


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