The Audacity of Social Nihilism Now

This hideous moment of the current US fascist regime is being poo-pooed and undersold and shrink-wrapped by all the useless opiners of the right, middle, left, and so left-that-it-has-turned-right regions of the upright citizens’ brigade.  Before this monstrosity of an “election,” whole plumes of carbon-laced server farm exhaust  were sent to the skies condemning Hillary from the “left,” seeing something in the Damn Turd Pol, and his Rasputin, Ban Event Son (the scion of the Nazi right), as presaging a less “militaristic” president than Hillary.

Forgetting Hillary , who was a fully-captured mouthpiece for neoliberal militarism, these “leftists,” such as the Heartland Institute-approving  Counterpunch, have never spent a moment stating how wrong they were to publish such offensive balderdash. The current cabal of blatant homicidal lunatics is not a “Trump” production – he is a convenient figurehead, a high Q factor imbecile whose loathsome beastliness struck the right Berlusconi pose to con the idiots and rubes brain-flattened by decades of Koch Brothers’ and their rich, evil confreres’ massive infusions of money across the US and global institutional  apparatus.

The current regime vultures are mouthing the anti-human agitprop that has  been conducted by the fascist-libertarians of the ultra-rich personified by the Koch Brothers, as was clearly described in Jane Mayer’s basic outline Dark Money, but this kind of rhetoric has been tossed around for decades now, always in search of candidates, and now they’ve got the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the courts, the churches and synagogues, in the military, and on the campuses.Pence has been groomed and feted and supplied with huge contributions, as has each one of the rogues’ gallery now coming out of the Heritage sanatorium to destroy the social worth of the government they have captured.

This is not a minor matter of some intellectual shift – this is an outright fascist assault upon all of humanity except the ultra-rich. The daily noxious emanations from the new beasts and the  select crew of gargoyles and hunchbacks and anti-human criminals are not of that much concern – if he were to ever go, the hugely well-funded  movement of militarist, genocidal, religion-spewing monsters would still continue in search of the next step to centralizing power.

These are people of such inculcated dementia, fostered by the dispersal of all that criminally obtained capital, who view the poor, along with atheists, and others of non-US, non-white, non-Christian background, as dog food. That anyone takes these killers of the sick, deniers of the right of others to exist as humans, idolators of mass bombings, and anti-science imbeciles as worth debate is appalling, but liberal humanism has lost every chance to stop the ineluctable force of huge reservoirs of money-amplified anti-humanism.

This is the ascension to power of a hugely-endowed, murderous, militaristic supersystemic force. Low approval ratings or temporary setbacks of policy do not sway them  – they have all the money that can be stolen in the world, and they aim to set the conditions to steal even more from poor economies, from the ground, from the air, from the water,  from the people whose misfortune was to be born not them.

Other than that, things are going swell! If we are to be dog food, let’s at least be pate, not the chunky variety.

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