Abortion Rights

How many children die each day of hunger? 18,000.

How many children die each day of poverty? 22,000.

How many children are living each day in extreme poverty? 400 million.

How many children are orphans? 140 million.

How many children in the US suffer from mental illness? 20 percent.

How many children in the world under the age of 5 die from environmental factors? 3 million.

So let’s dispense with this extreme nonsense that the anti-abortion immoralists care about “life.” They “care” nothing at all about the lives of children. The suffering of the world’s children is a direct result of their horrifically over-fed, mentally stunted, depraved First World lifestyles, yet these lunatics, such as American vice-president Mike Pence, pretend to affect a virtue in their condemnation of women for not bringing to term their zygotes or fetuses.

Only when these above statistics are zero  can the world’s moral attention turn to zygotes and fetuses. In a world in which disgusting, immoral humans let loose so much suffering that should be alleviated through regulation and political organization, there should be free birth control for men and women, and abortion provided by the government.

This is an FSN initiative (#37) for the social world we should be destined to inhabit. There are currently some abortion protections remaining, but there is a horrific amount of suffering engendered by religious immoralists across the world who cause children to be born to parents who either cannot provide for them or who cannot provide the necessary support of love for them. This is moral and social disaster, the on-going oppression and killing of human children by anti-humanist people like the anti-abortionist wingnuts now occupying Congress and other positions of power.

There is no debate on this topic. Children will die tonight, and die tomorrow, because of global inequity that First-World immoralist anti-abortionists refuse to do anything about it, or even care about  in the slightest. As part of the FSN global initiative #37, all world-wide family planning councils are to receive tax money directly deposited from the seized accounts of anti-abortionists. Stay tuned for more FSN directives for a world we can live in, not the world we must live in.


  1. That’s ridiculous statistics you’re displaying. 20% of children in US suffer from mental illness? I’m calling you out on that. Back that with data. People die of poverty? How exactly does one die of poverty? “Oh damn. I earn less than 1 dollar a day. This kills me.” They can die of hunger not poverty, and you already listed hunger.
    And if we follow your logic, then don’t gay people rights. Because only after we’ve ensured the above statistics are zero, can the world’s attention turn to the rights of homosexuals. Just in case you’re unable to understand, I was mocking you. The fact that problems exist is no grounds at all to remove rights of fetuses.
    I may agree with abortion or I may not, but I certainly do not agree with your means of justifying pro choice.

  2. Those facts are facts right from the internet. Go argue with the internet. You’ll have to argue with just about every established form of research and scientific fact, but go ahead and try to do a little clicking around.
    You seem to have absolutely no concern for the horrible deaths of human children. That’s an awful thing to express.

    1. And because you found it on the Internet, it must be true?
      Quote your sources to avoid this kind of criticism.
      You could well have a strong case, but it needs strong support.

      1. Let’s break this down real easy-like.
        There is this internet-thing, which has come into existence over the last couple decades of my life.
        This internet thing allows anybody, with a working connection, to quickly have access to an amazing store of facts. A couple of clicks, and an “authoritative” source will supply you with these reliable estimates about our world, from people who have worked quite hard to locate these bits of information.
        If you want to waste a lot of time, you can make every statement of yours replete with copious footnotes. If you make an assertion that of fact that is controversial, sure, then you should have some source, but this stuff is far too common – children dying, children suffering, that kind of undeniable truth.
        Many people make up non-facts, or untruths, based on erroneous sources on the internet, but some facts are too basic to need defense from wingnuts and tinfoil hatters. .
        How many children die in this world because of poverty is a basic fact, and if you want to challenge that fact, you probably should seek psychological help immediately.
        This is not directed to you – you are on the right side, and I know that you wouldn’t challenge the reliability of these statistics, but I do not think everything we say has to satisfy some imaginary authorities’ definition of depth.
        The facts that I quoted took about a minute’s worth of clicking onto basically incontrovertible sites. These are not esoteric facts – they are easy to grasp.

  3. There is this Internet thing that allows anybody, with a working connection, to have access to an amazing store of misinformation, bigotry and blatant lies too.
    A couple of clicks, and an authority of verifiable links would support your case.
    Links are not difficult to paste.

  4. Yes, I take your points. I would indeed like to “support” my “case,” but as I look at the jury, it is unavailable – they are all engaged in snapchatting a photo of their Doritos and Diet Mountain Dew mess on their pants to their World of Warfare buddies.
    If the jury that is here to hear my “case” can ever be roused away from its moribund clicking, I will be happy to provide every suitable link, armed with dozens of cross-references, to establish that, yes, there are quite a few CHILDREN dying and quite a few CHILDREN suffering horrific pains and near death, at this very Doritos and Diet Mountain Dew moment.
    Should anyone think that not true, I will be happy to bill them the going Pentagon rate for research to give them the proper documentation – let’s just say all that work might cost folks a little bit of their next Doritos purchase.

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