Titles not accepted at FSN

Global meetings are being conducted to determine the effect of FSN’s proposed initiative #3 to set the 2018 FYI US military budget at $20,000. So far, the proposal  (FSN Initiative for a World #3) is getting deep scientific and philosophical support from the global FSN  directorate of researches, citizens, and blog-typists.

On the social communication front, today more people typed more words to, at, and around each other on various topics, across the globe.  The Internet got up and running as a social force in 1993, so that has given us just  20 years of the damn thing. The number of Internet users has steadily risen as a percentage, until there are roughly 3.7 billion users of the 7.5 billion humans currently breathing.

The thing is, folks,  this whole “Internet” item  is now shot. All this server farm energy devoted to letting people type away with their most splenetic animadversions was a bad idea from the Tim Berners-Lee beginning, and it has now become officially Beyond Stupid. All these enfranchised idiots, of the US “conservative Christian” variety, are some dumb, unreflective, bitter-minded contemptible fools, and their privileges have been officially revoked. No more access will be afforded them – they have become the bane of humanity, and it will be no loss to see their specious, illiterate,  bacon double-cheeseburger-stuffed “commenting” stupidities censored. Who needs these monsters to populate a precious public resource, driving out rational thought and fun good times, polluting the  form of social intercourse that will be echoing in space long after humankind is gone?

As part of this FSN Initiative for a World #5, titles are not recognized in establishing intellectual bona-fides (you’ll need to pass a three-part test to gain biometric access o the Internet, from now on).  You say you’re a “Dr.” of something? Sorry, that was not awarded by FSN. Most likely you were a prisoner-drone, being a dutiful, uninspired hack who stayed rooted in your classroom chair while youngsters of sound mind had long ago quit the moribund classroom-prison scene. You are a Mr. or Ms., and have to make something of yourself ever’ livelong day, not just toss  another useless paper credential to the heap of documents of incarceration.

As a corollary, you should not even begin to call yourself a “Reverend” or a  “Father” or whatever dumbass self-Honoria your Middle Eastern cult came up with – this is a secular world, Jack, here on earth, with no nobility, no rank, just us chickens.

Obviously, there is not going to much social improvement from here on out. The global supersystem has gotten worse, and is currently in harrowing shape.

Global technowar is a multi-trillion dollar horror, led by United States as the world’s pre-eminent weapons manufacturer, weapons’ dealer, empire- baseholder and base0builder, and bombing force.

Politics in the US is a killing joke. Nothing could be worse than the Damn Turd Pol as the figurehead for the Koch Bros. death machine, but whatever better is coming will be woefully short.  Here is Andrew Levine  in Counterpunch, March 16, 2016:

 But there is no compelling evidence, not so far anyway, that his own demons are calling the shots. With the Donald, it is all about winning. What he wants is only to get his way – neither more nor less. Even so, he does have political opinions; and not all of them are bad. More often than not, they are based on sound intuitions and common sense.

Yes, that is in the self-advertised Voice of the Left, “sound intuitions” and all. And this mountebank is still gas-bagging away, and every day is a new loathsome low of conservative anti-humanity met by tepid applesauce.




  1. This comment doesn’t have much to do with this post in particular, but I’ve been meaning to thank you for all the chuckles I’ve gotten from reading your blog. I wish there was a chuckle meter rather than the “like” button. That is not to say that the subjects of your posts aren’t serious, but who doesn’t like to laugh? I chuckle but at the same time I find your whole enterprise here almost hear-breakingly poignant despite the fact you’ve even attacked my sacred cow. . .Bon courage!

  2. Many thanks for your heartening response – that means quite a bit to me.
    Feel free to defend the honor of your bell cow of choice, but this forum is fine as a vanity project if you want to demur.
    Still, a reaction such as your is priceless.

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