Religion and US Anti-Politics: The Two Biggest Wealth Extraction (From Poor People) Machines

Great job, humanity – making the majority of the world’s  people poor, and then conspiring to extract whatever last pieces of wretched silver they have remaining, through the outright control frauds of organized religion and corporate electoral politics.

RELIGION – Not quite the rival of American anti-politics as the world’s largest wealth (of poor people) extraction machine, organized religion still has been an inspirited, diabolical supersystemic method to transfer the few, necessary stray pieces of leftover pennies back to the guardians of wealth-based  privilege. The Christian churches, along with the other form of ancient-world Middle East hierarchical irrationalism, have specialized in a giant one-way red arrow extracting money from the poor, with never a return on this “investment” from people with practically no disposable income. Not even a Lotto, nor much more than a bingo game or two – it’s dollar after dollar, under the flim-flammery of “tithing” or  envelope “donations,” fattening the anointed higher-ups in the furtherance of their rule over the institution. Instead of seeing the oppressive reign  of the wealthy as heinous and corrupt, religions flatter the wealthy with lies about their deserving goodness under the  Gospel of Wealth, while keeping their class-imprisoned serfs, the poor, forever dependent on their miserly “charity” and controlling propaganda about needing to be servile and quiescent so that some mysterious Middle Eastern deity might rescue them with a heavenly dispensation of a few bucks.

The Federal Trade Commission must act on this consumer swindle – not one of the promises made by monotheistic institutional religions to their subjects has ever come to actuality – no return of the Son of Whoever, no verifiable End Times on the TV, no family angel returning to life, not one verifiable follow-through of promised “divine” intercession.

Any company that willingly, repeatedly sells products that have never worked should be shut down, and all victims of the scheme “made whole” through adjudicated recompense of their hard-earned, desperately needed money. How many children have suffered privation and loss of health  because their poor parents threw precious resources to St. Brigid the  Swindler  that could have gone to their medication or dental care or decent food on the table?

ANTI -POLITICS – Religion, as bad as it is is, can’t hold a candle to the breath-taking scope of the wealth extraction (from poor people) that is the American anti-political system. The Republicans are lying- cheating- killing their way to the reward of the criminal rich sub-class, directing massive flows of taxes back to the exploiter, capitalizer class, taking money, health care, environmental safeguards, family planning resources from the people identified with the damning label of “poor.”  The Democrats participated mightily in continuing the wealth extraction (from poor people) system under Clinton and Obama, but compared to this sinister lunacy of the current  Bannonnian psychotic regime, they were pikers.

So what do we do? Rather than “finding joy in small things,” as all the intellectuals seem to issue as part of their Dear Abby nostrums, we could stand away from history,  letting the bad times and the good times be our inheritance, as it has been for all of our fellow humans since time immemorial. There is no reason not to dwell, in an hour or two of downtime, on the massively ridiculous present, but when action is demanded, as it never has been during this ascension of the supersystem, by collapses or openings or  failures, we can know where the howling wind came from, and we can turn around and walk straight into it.


    1. Damn close – it was Brazil, mother of a straight Chocolate Lab, and it was her world, at all times. The couch was a failed experiment, Ikea-ish without being from Ikea.
      Obviously, as Choc/Ikeaish people, ain’t no micro-dosin’ goin’ on here, but Happy Wobbling nonetheless!

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