US UnHealth “Care” Producing New Disorder

The American people have become shattered beacons of unhealth, watched over by a gibbering, corporate-profit-stuffed insurance Mafia hell-bent on wresting every public and private nickel from the assault upon individual human standing.

Now, however, during this literally breath-taking (as in aiming to kill poor people, kill them dead) tax robbery plan fomented by the Ayn Rand cult of Tea-Party wealth henchmen, comes a brand-new, Made-in-the-USandA disorder/afflation, ready for the DSM-X: prescription-drug envy – PSE.

On what passes for commercial airwaves, otherwise healthy (for now) American consumers are bombarded with ad-propaganda, shown over and over to the tune of insanity, featuring the latest R&D super-drug. Keytruda, for one. Next, fucking Trulicity. Hell, yeah! Great names! Makes you, kind of, well, want to get whatever it is so you can get the drugs, boyee.

Keytruda, spawn of some Mad Ave hell brigade, sounds a little too much kike Extruda, which is what everybody’s butt did with those Lay’s potato chips of about ten years ago that was made with some kind of Monsanto Olio viscosity dankness. But Keytruda, is true, it is for you, the addicted smoker who, damn, has this non-squamous small cell lung cancer, and so Keytruda-mania is everywhere, lodged deep into the collective unconscious, as Keytruda is marketed with wispy, flowing graphics, so what the hell, why not have been a smoker, and now be a Keytruda  happy customer like all your neighbors?

Or you can long to join the thousands who are switching to Trulicity, which is not True + Travelocity, but some horrible chemgas med for terribly afflicted people with who knows what disease. Or the Lippizaner-related Lipitor, or any the other insidiously, terrifyingly banal-themed Big Pharma Superbad products that we, the non-smoker, non over-eater, and non-consumer cannot touch.

So let’s all make as many horrible consumer choices as possible, smoke-drink-eat-stress-rage-self-inflict as much as one body can stand, because then our Big Pharma treatments can be billed by the pound, daily, and every Unhealth grifter/CEO/con employee  will be all too happy, and they, these anti-humanists,  can  get ready to name another round of diabolical side effectors to control, not cure, our next round of industro-chemgas diseases.

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