No Solutions Radio

Doesn’t quite make sense, does it ? “No Solutions Radio,” brought to you by the good folks at Fun Social Nihilism? “Too Nihilistic; Didn’t Read” tn;dr to Too Nihilistic; Didn’t Listen – tn:dl?  Don’t worry, there are no nihilist podcasts yet, there are no out nihilists stepping up to any lecterns anywhere. We’ve just got the usual assemblages of poltroons, pastors, pedants, and prevaricators, and it’s alright, no gulags yet for us. Music is cheap, the cable bill is paid for many, and whatever and whoever is dying will go on dying somewhere else – nihilists just never seem to get the point: where are their solutions?

There are no solutions, and for anyone to suggest there are is a betrayal of the inherited processes of reason and logic. One of the fundamental fallacies of the human condition is yet the one final one that dares not speak its name: the Fallacy of Individual Agency. Many illusions are necessary and tightly constructed within the human experience, as Bruce Hood explains simply in his book on the Illusion of the Self. To imagine, though,  that any one of “us” has a close, personal relationship with the doings of the supersystem, let alone its “revolutionary” remaking from top-to-bottom,  is evidently  and self-evidently, preposterous.

“We,” as individuals, are always getting blamed and guilt-tripped for the horrific doings of the powerful for which we had no input. We can acknowledge the unearned privileges of white racism in the US, of course, but George W. asked none of us whether we should start bombing Iraq.  We may aver a secular humanism for ourselves, but we have been fated to live in a fascist theocracy, and there is not the slightest hope that the ivy’d campuses of this education-prison/prison-education complex of the US and A are going to be its undoing. “We” are material protoplasm  in a determinist hologram, so why do “we” assign every ineluctable fault of this decompensating supersysem to our own social actions or inactions?

“Solutions” charlatans trumpet this or that political flashpoint as heralding the imminent arrival of the Peoples’ Revolution, but they are in the grips of serious delusions. The anti-human theocratic Right in the US has been tilting its huge coffers of stolen wealth towards grinding out idiotic, robotic judges to take the places of retiring and dead administrators of the American Raj, and the lickspittle, crying  Gorsuch will just be the first of the Federalist decimators of the last of the New Deal’s secular humanist advances. Watch the Koch machine rush to install these perverse Christian  Randians, and all that will be there to counter them will be leftover centrist nobodies like Breyer and, well, the ghost of Merrick Garland.  Oh boy, we had better not have a case to look forward to in this scripted fakery of the American jurisprudence gladiator arena. Thumbs down, it will be.

Solutions to climate catastrophe? Solutions to economic inequality? Solutions to the anti-humanism causing the poor to go hungry, to starve, to die spectacularly awful deaths ? Solutions to the problems of depression, unhappiness, loneliness, lack of employment, global technowar, dull educational prisons, dysfunctional families? “Solutions” in the abstract, we have got by the blogful. Solutions, here, there, in the library, in the pantheon, just outside your front door, in other venues, where you can read safely and comfortingly in your own tribal need. But there is that sense, this time, in this epoch, that the supersystem has gotten beyond the usual connection to proffered solutions, and that it time, our time, humanity’s time, to admit this. The solution is to realize that there are no solutions.



  1. Oh no, the contagion must be universal.
    “”We” know the billionaires, led by the Koch horrors, are leading the way on this continent- who or what funds Le Pen et al?
    Here in the USandA, these racist salt-of-the-earth worker types would never include a liberal-seeming homeowner as part of their crowd – they are more in cultural control here, with NASCAR and military fly-overs everywhere.
    You can always tell the workers to look up your site in wordpressland – it’s killer!

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