Being a Secular Humanist

Whatever grumbles and gripes, rages or antipathies or righteous frothing hatred you may have against the people of the supersystem, against the foolish, blatantly aggravating inhumanity engendered by time, by history, by sociological reality, by preposterous nonsense at work, out it in he common social arenas of life, or anywhere more intimate or unmentionable, you still must try to keep true to the principles of secular humanism. You should be decent towards those who deserve or need the happiness that basic human decency produces in the brain, yours and theirs.

No human, gifted with the amazing species-specific powers of advanced cognition,has ever found a cherishable social world    There is clearly no “meaning” that our brief lives will reveal – it’s all turtles all the way down, fascists, anti-humanists, death, suffering, personal insubstantiality, unreliable brain processes abetted by inherited common illusions, along with whatever good slid down the slim chutes of chance and opportunity.  Despite all this tumult and chaos, the brain can co-exist with genuine rational insight and protective association.

Most days it may be hard to find it, and it may be a delicate flower prone to wilting when attacked, but secular humanism is the happiest expression of human possibility. A sympathetic approach, an exchange of common understanding, if at all humanly possible, keeps even the most aggrieved, internally caustic, internally raging social nihilist upright and ready to keep the flame of social betterment burning.

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