That’s the Sound of American Christianity Hitting the Rocks

There it is: it’s over, officially, this centuries long culture of veneration of the Middle Eastern cult known as “Christianity.” The US history is long and boring, but here, at long last, the evidence is too multitudinous to deny: the Christian Right has ascended to the apex of  US political power, and they have fallen off the cliff. It’s over, and shall be no more forever.

The White House is staffed by the most puerile, demented, incompetent, stupid folks that this society can provide,  and the wreckage from their pathetic attempts at  “governance” is littering the airwaves and text waves.   The cargo cults always went through down phases when their objects of devotion were revealed to have left without giving the devotees their divine dispensations of treasure, and this cargo cult of American Christianity is no different. Here is John Frum in the guise of the Damn Turd Pol, and with denouement expressing the vapidity of Christian anti-humanism,  wordpressian apologists are giving up their ridiculous vocations en masse.

The political Christians competing for which one can be more vile to the poor than the other, yet they cannot construct even the beginnings of social policy.  There is no more defense for the promises of organized religion when they are revealed to be such insupportable flim-flammery, so the voices of the cargo cult have fallen silent, all across the anti-social media platform diving venues.

Oh, there are  yet pockets of defense of these disgraced cargo cultists. On the four-year camp/ credential mills/ student debt factories, two concern mavens, William Deresiewicz, and Ronald Boyer, have penned thought-cards expressing Hallmarkian sympathy for the campus Christians hiding out for fear of rebuke from their micro-dosing confreres. These college bastions of games/fun/moping were originally monotheist training camps, and there are institutional vestiges of this religious indoctrination impulse, but the 60s and the Enlightenment have combined to shunt the intellectual expression of this heritage to the side. Or, this is true only in the most expensive of these camps, which has occasioned these tears of fellow-feeling for these victims of “political correctness.” Deresiewicz left Yale because of some contretemps but now lectures it and the other Ivies every chance he gets,  still inside the comforting fold.

College is wasted on young and old alike – the times have grown much too complex and demanding for its conservative function. No one should care much about what happens on them, nor should  anyone worry too much about the hurt feelings of the intellectually defeated cargoists. Though their cult is dead, their dogma revealed as foolish and detrimental and  loathsome, the culture of Christianity retains enormous cultural hold over the US society just outside the bolted doors of academe.  In health care, in the military, in politics, in family authoritarianism, in sports, in anti-social media, on the service job, Christianity is still the go-to cargo cult, even as as its adherents desert it  in horror at the world their absurd doctrines have wrought.

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