Current Politics Stunningly Awful

Some us of,  as post hunter-gatherer humans, are fated to exist in perpetual intellectual revolt against the many dominant strands of institutional thought and practice. That doesn’t mean this sub-stratum of adult humans for any given time is a professional martyr – the shrew that humans are descended from knew how to let the large animals stalk and kill during the daytime, while it skulked around at night to find bits and pieces of leftover sustenance.

No one is guaranteed a social system consistent with their beliefs, and wow does this one qualify.  The Nazis had a better connection with the dictates of modern science than this monstrous concoction of empowered mountebanks. For evidence that this administration is sub-Nazi, see  Hugh Murray’s  observation  in a review of three books about Nazi science, quoting Robert Proctor, one of the great historians of science today:

Academics in every field gave support to the Nazi regime. The Nazis, in return, provided support for various forms of intellectual endeavor. . . . Certain fields, such as psychology, anthropology, and human genetics, actually expanded under the Nazis. . . . [The Reich provided] substantial support for research in fields such as criminal biology, genetic pathology, and comparative physical anthropology. . . . More than a dozen new medical journals were founded in the Nazi period. . . . The Nazis expanded Germany’s public health facilities and state health offices.”

The science offices in Washington are shut down at night, staffed by one former poli-sci lickspittle intern during the day, like David Cross’s office in the Todd Margaret IFC show. This is what “science” has become in this day of the last gasp of the business criminal ethos, less than a joke, more threatening to the Christian apocalyptarians disgracing the very practice of human thought.

Yet contemporary historian  Leigh Schmidt documents in  his 2016 book Village Atheists that America has a proud, profound, inspiring history of atheism since the mid 19th century, with sporadic predecessors even before. Tortured, killed, imprisoned, or harassed, these brave heroes laid the groundwork for the stalwart 10% of Americans who will openly say, according to the latest Gallup poll, in defiance of all cultural propaganda and imperial intimidation, There is no god or gods. Whatever these people, the open atheists of today,  may have as individual foibles, at least they have the mental integrity, the moral fortitude, the beautiful antagonism to evidence-less religious cant that only the most stalwart minds possessed in the recent American calendar.

For each of these of these heroes, both before and now,  can be affixed an epitaph, the only epitaph that would matter:

“At least he (or she) wasn’t a complete dummy.”



  1. Yes, the number of true-blue secular humanists that did not adhere to any of these discrims is probably quite low, but there’s no excuse now. Even if they are in your birth family, they shall answer, and answer hard, for their awful failings – you’ve made a strong and admirable case for that, if I remember correctly.

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