Algorithms to Replace Judges in US

Social science has conclusively proven that humans are guilty of being imperfect, even congenitally flawed and dubious judges, of others and themselves. Far from being supremely rational creatures, they are subject to withering attacks of subconscious bias, even in the “best”  of minds (you and yours, and yr mate’s, and yrs. truly, etc.).

Yet, in the tradition of a humanity beholden to its pre-Enlightenment institutional malfeasances and misconstructions, the mass incarceration epidemic in the US has been overseen by some of the most biased, cognitively impaired (read stupid) power-capitalizers the American Raj can produce -American judges. One of the worst of this contemptible breed, a sniveling, Scalia-death-bawling  cretin named Gorsuch , has just ascended to a lifetime position pronouncing Federalist death upon the earth, upon poor people, upon abortion-seeking women, but not upon people in late-stage terminal illness who must be kept alive at all costs to themselves, to their loved ones, and to the cause of human consequence.

The “Supreme Court” of the US cannot be reformed, and its composition, sure to add even more Federalist death cultists,  will be the culmination of the abomination of Roberts, Alito, and Thomas. So it will  be canceled fortwith, and replaced, not with the fraudulent minting of liberalish judges who are no more qualified than a park bench wine-orator to pronounce upon weighty matters, but with algorithm-preloaded computers. A register of precedents applicable to the modern world of torts and civil forfeiture will take one $5.99’s worth of Staples thumb drive, and each case can be tried using formatted word technology, with the computer programmed with secular humanist algorithms, and out will come a much less biased, fascist-leaning,  militaristic, racist,  class-bound decision.  This is the only hope to ever have “justice” re-enter the social canon.

Or all humanity like the head-in-the-sand lower-lower case “atheists,” like Larry King-lite counterpunch honcho Jeffrey  St. Clair, who pronounces his echt regular-volkish goodness by slavering praise upon Jehovah’s Witnesses:

Russia is banning the pacifist Jehovah Witness sect as an “extremist” cult. I like the Jehovah Witness’s and always invite them for tea when they knock at the door. They are as militantly anti-war as the Quakers, more so since their faith never coughed up a Richard Nixon to my knowledge. I’m willing to talk to any anti-war activists–there are so few us when it really matters most. I’m an atheist, but I don’t condemn people for their faith, especially those who are oppressed for their political views. JW’s have helped all antiwar activists by challenging the draft and winning supreme court cases validating the rights of Conscientious Objectors, as well as other cases striking down ordinances forcing political and religious groups to have government permits to engage in door-to-door advocacy. For that alone, they should be honored.

Self-ennobling sympathy for the pietists, but no mention of the horrors of the sect that await its ensnared children and young adults, as detailed by ex-Witness Lloyd Evans in a recent FFRF podcast. Russia is a mono-religious state, promoting Russian Orthodoxy only, but here in the US, all the liberalish sympathy goes to the Middle Eastern prayerful, letting all the victims of vicious religious familial hate go without a support. Not here at FSN – all thoughts and concerns and expressed alliance goes with those brave, brave beautiful young folk who manage, at enormous psychic and other cost, to extricate themselves from the anti-human dictatorships of their parents and community elders.  Yeah, we are going to “condemn people for their faith” – yes, you heard it right. Shocking!

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