OME’s Abound

In typical fashion for their breed, corporate predators and their lines of propaganda defense have won  a great reversal – whereas in 1945 corporations paid in taxes fully 35% of government revenue, they, the monsters of humanity,  now contribute a larcenous, treasonous 11%, with social security/FICA taxes, the kind that workers submit without a single objection, went from 8% in 1945 of all federal tax revenue to a whopping, unconscionable 33% today, as described by Ohio State professor Jay Zagorsky here:

This kind of information is too much to absorb, the destruction of all social meaning and purpose by organized groups of thugs, charlatans, and marauders in our lifetime, but it points up the danger to trying to understand and adapt to the world with a social conscience. The typical objector tries to fashion a better world, and plan a series of solutions, a more reasonable, humane approach to modern living and working and existing, and there can be some important intellectual initiatives. Yet every would-be social critic, every thought-struck author/artist/blognobody, confronts the ineluctable presence of Over-Massive Entities (OME’s) running the world outside the gates of their idealistic  conceptions.  All of us can envision a better arrangement, a nicer institutional structure, a sweet and generous way of reordering this world, but that is not social thought, that is comic wishfulness.

What about the beasts already devouring the world outside your door? They must go away, nearly instantaneously, for your civic betterment, paradigm change, holistic jibber-jabber confabulation to work in operation, but Over-Massive Entities do not do that- they are only grower more dangerous, more sinister, more effective. The US military megamachine is encircling the globe, the air, and the waters with world-destroying armaments – trillions of dollars, huge campaigns of the killings of peoples and habitats, and you think that history, that present, and future can simply be ignored in working for “peace”?

What happens to the twin Over-Massive Entities of US doctors and US insurance companies that bid and gin up health “care” prices in the US to absurd levels of profit-extortion? Do you think single payer can chop their twin heads off in one cut, today, tomorrow? Do you think that the Over-Massive Entity of schooling-as-prison for the rule of trans-national corporations slinks away overnight because of one Occupado-style sit-in? Do you think industrial civilization packs up, goes home, and cancels its earlier effects because suddenly a few folks want a clean and bright future for their god-children? You want to end mass incarceration in era of overmassive incarceration? You want a secular age in an era of horrific tax subsidy for Middle Eastern cults like Christianity?

If you want to detail a better world, you had better detail how over-massive entities are going to be brought down to size.  And in the US of today, they are living, breathing, cretinous beasts growing fatter and more fetid with each CNN day.

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