Simply Too Much Chatter

All right, that’s enough – the internet is going to shut down for awhile. This has gone on with too much noise and chatter and incessant bleating – no one is listening to anyone but themselves. Enough with the ridiculous pointing out of this or that little factlet or opinioid or bile spew, or whatever else it is that humans are contemplating to tell the world, dammit. No one is listening – and if they are, then there is a need to stop listening and act upon some fundamental social error or two. Humanity  does not need this endless, mountainous pile of thought-debris day after day, ’round the electrical clock.

These are the rules for the boomer life:

  1. Do some stuff – not much, just enough.
  2. Shut up.
  3. Cash paycheck.

That is about it – repeat as long as the world revolves or you stop.

Thanks for listening, the internet will now shut down. No more Twitter, Faceslash, instacash, snapdoodle, whatever, it will be down for -we know this will be hard – at least a year. You can handle it – this is gotten way out of hand, and it is getting precisely nowhere.

Before this colossal technological disaster goes into imposed desuetude, the social world is in dire need of a redrawing of technical requirements. Conservatives, that is, the regnant party of power and Endtimes stupidity, are malformed human beings, and they need to not be allowed in once the internet comes back in reorganized, regulated, non-polluting restricted form sometime over the horizon.

Humanity is a social animal who responds to socially conditioned and socially derived factors and influences, yet conservative perpetuate worlds of suffering by assigning individuals to ghettos of their alleged own making.  Rich people, and the indoctrinated slaves who do their bidding and voting and ideological warring, imagine themselves to be superior in their alleged self-constructed aeries, but they are immoral, often racist, bilious, bible-thumping miscreants who, for some odd reasons of endemic human failure, are gaining ever more political  power kill the known worlds that are our contemporary lot.

From fetid coast to desiccated valley, the operators of the supersystem are consigning immense plains of humans to neglect and horror, abetted by the anti-human hordes of keyboard antipathy. All of us become who we are because of the roles and opportunities and  conditions that are brought forth from others, history and family and contemporary culture alike, but now the poor and the disadvantaged are being denied their humanity even within the nation-state of birth for the rich. For the US destined-poor,  the rich and their lunatic Berserker mobs are procuring a new world:  no economic future for them, denied the pleasures of sex without conceptions, induced to join the PTSD military, shunted into horrific ghettos, given the cell or the grave, stuffed with the worst of cheap diets, prodded into drugs, unfocused rage, and ridiculous entertainments, imprisoned in boring schools  and imprisoned in Middle Eastern theistic cults.

Have a great day. Have a great Easter. Have another.  Be friendly. Do your thing.  Stop listening to speakers  – and if it is a sellout commencement speaker, like David Fos- W or the egregious George Saunders, or any run-of-the-mill opiner/lecternist/meliorist, run to the nearest whipping post.


    1. Many thanks for the response, as always.
      Sure, the food was fine, much, much better than the slop I grew up on, but somehow food is not a source of “great pleasure.” It’s food, after all, just food.
      “Great pleasure” is either more intellectual or more animalistic – but if a plate of couscous can send the mind racing into ecstasy, then good on ya.
      Sorry about France: the NY Times yesterday had a harrowing short report report entitled “France: End of Days” that makes its politics sound even worse than the alarming title.

  1. My mom asked me to help expand with her story to become with her site with regards to %BT%.

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  2. Thanks for your thoughtful, humanistic response. You’re a player kid, you’re going to go far.
    Your mom is a part of the CIA? This percent BT percent is ominous – I assume that is CIA code for termination of my employment status. Damn.
    Not much “information”? Surely you are mistaken – social nihilism is the number one site for what shall be termed Information. There’s information here on just about anything for the modern diasporian – how to do outdoor plumbing in the rain, where to find cool slacks that bend with your diabetes shape, where is Erfurt. As you say, it may be too much to absorb, hence your disappointment that you are just not getting the meat, the potatoes, the investmet opportunities you allude to in the final sentence.
    Are you from the IRS, with your mother from the CIA? Yes, I do have an “income” I need to tell you extra. How else could a person breathe?
    Has your mother considered prostitution?

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