The Back-Sliding Religious Imperative at the NY Times

The cults of Middle Eastern religion depend on many criminal institutional supports, even as its tenets are revealed as preposterous by the workings of modern human communication. Not to the ridiculous managers of the NY Times, as shown by the recent Sunday edition, coming on the theocratic day of Easter (in the US, so many restaurants closed down on a perfectly good brunch opportunity). Here were the chosen theo-articles and theo-posts, all over the Sunday Review section, a reliable  aggregator of the middlebrow Boomer life-absence thoughtstyle. Professional politicians and professional alt-writers, all lined up to give that good old  wheeze-nonsense a warm Easter bath – Sandra Tsing Loh, or some Reagan-Bush appointee-doofus, or the Times’ own the resident Pope PR hack, all new-timey/ old-timey religion babble for the Sunday 401kers.

What accounts for this persistence of the myths of those  oppressors in ancient desert tribes? 73% of  American god-believers are exemplars of the cover-my-tracks parental authority seekers – they were bad boys and bad girls in their wayward, tempestuous, alcohol and drug-fueled, kind of fun Happy Days teenage and early- 20 years, but whoa, whoops, uh-oh, they have became parents,  and now they must establish some method to spare themselves that youth version of themselves, so they turn to the fake and trustworthy stick-and-stick approach of the Middle Eastern cults to fend off rebellion in their raging brood.  Sarah Tsing Loh, who has confessed in print to many an illicit personal deviation, now wants to shepherd her late-in-life pop-ups to the corralling influence of some trendy liberalish religion-cult outpost, and so now her own past is wiped clean. American Christianity, the handy personal stain remover fro yesterday’s boomers/Gen Xers.

Only it doesn’t work that way. Their own children will eventually show them the twice-accomplished error of their own ways. Mommy and/or Daddy, they will ask, why did you seek to punish us into submission with such a transparently bogus system of anti-child doctrines, when you yourself were having such a rich, transgressive hell-time during your own teenage years?

Note for FSN-addicted fans: Stay tuned for two upcoming FSN major initiatives: the rejection of the “American Dream” myth allied with a duck call for a version of Universal Basic Income, and the formation of the world’s first truly global political party: The Better World Now! Party – BWN-P, for the yet-to-be-constantly-solicited.

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