Formation of Global “Better World Now! Party”

(For Immediate Public Release) Fun Social Nihilism, the public communications division of the Global Change Supercenter, Ltd., is announcing the formation of the Better World Now! Party, scheduled for world-wide domination of all active political institutions by the year 2025.

The following is an edited transcript of a news conference held at its world headquarters on April 20, 2017.

Why the name “Better World Now!”?

Every other political party has been a colossal, abject, blatant cosmic failure. While the locus for the beginnings of the party are in New York State, USA, the problems of global humanity are not localized, but are reflective of the ascendancy of global transnational capital and its perverse institutional criminal accomplices. Folks across the world, from Dar Es Salaam to Wuppertal to Zimbabwe, want a better world than the one that they must confront, every day.  There is no other name possible to “Brand-Name”  instant allegiance,  across all the spectrum of language, cultures, and screen time-wasting. Each of us, no matter how well-versed in social rage, social antipathy, crank self-ennoblement, or visceral apathy, wants a social reality that could be “better,” at least.

What are some of the central tenets of the nascent world-wide political phenomenon now market-cornered as “Better World Now!”?

BWN! is a secular humanist party. The “beliefs” of any BWN! candidate  need not conform to any complete specificity of intellectual certitude, but must not violate the core attributes of the good folks of the world. Religion is strongly disinvited. Militarism as well. Climate catastrophe is a major preoccupation, and economic inequality on an equal level. Abortion and contraception and governmental health provision are assumed necessary.  Other social issues will be subject to the relentless establishment of “best practices” empirical evidence for a far more rational, beneficial, inhabitable social reality.

Are there any political candidates in the world now who would be examples of Better World Now!-types?

Not really – there could be, but they will need to make themselves known to the demanding strictures of the global and diverse Better World Now! platform committees. Politics across the world has become anti-politics, the home of psychopathic scoundrels who lack the balancing mechanisms in the brain that inhibit grandiosity and devious martyrdom. However, as much as social nihilism is the proper political basis for knowledge, politics is where social reality is forged anew, and rather than seek “salvation”  through the futile following of hero-pretenders, the people of the world need to unite under a common assignation.

How important is the formation of this global party?

As important as any desperate attempt for survival in the face of calamitous threats can be for any species. As a general statement, this world is getting worse and worse each day – to live in, to contemplate, to experience, to contend with. The news is bad, the outlook worse, across the board of the dominant social institutions of the world, and the pleasures that each of us needs to attach to the spaces of our lives are more and more evanescent.  Without a means to organize a response to the capitalizer destruction of secular humanism, matters will bend further downward -guaranteed.

Will the Better World Now! achieve victory?

No, it will not. What has been done by the supersystem cannot be undone. The Sixth Great Extinction will not be canceled by some better social policies. The dead will not arrive back to a better planet. Those who continue to live on the orbiting rock in the indifferent void of space need a new and improved way to see and pursue their lives, and this is what Better World Now! will  provide. Now!

What’s the immediate step for the Better World Now! party?

Over 15,000 signatures from at least 10 Congressional districts in New York State.

What about the Green, Democratic, Libertarian, Socialist Alternative parties -wouldn’t they be  a better focus for this idealism?

No chance for either of them. None of them. They all have terrible forms of baggage or endemic corruption.  They are either boring or sectarian or loathsome. Better World Now! cannot, by definition, become any of those epithets, because it will endlessly adapt to confounding circumstances.

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