Aberrant Supersystem: the Tax Havens

The thesis of social nihilism is that humanity confronts a supersystem of such endemic, ineluctable immorality that it cannot be systematically reformed, or even confronted, or even made interesting.

To illustrate this inarguable thesis would be tedious – look at any celebrity twitter number, where millions of brain-wasted people follow, closely and with great emotional investment, the non-doings of vapid and imbecilic ego-smashed artificial persona- say Beyoncé and her stripper act and  royal brood, or some HGTV Christian homebuilding bigot couple, or any of a million has-beens or never-muchsters who got hit by the lucky spotlight, and now can affect some teleporting presence in their foolish “followers'” non-life.

Meanwhile, in the real world that builds the world we inhabit, in the actual social reality that is remodeled every day outside this absurd fantasia of screen frivolity, the governing capitalizer class of criminals has erected a world-killing secret tax avoidance international conspiracy to hide their wealth, as is nicely described in British tax authority/detective  Richard Murphy’s Verso book Dirty Secrets. No need to be a forensic accountant absorbing millions of pieces of data to establish the outline: Murphy has done so brilliantly, in the great muckraking tradition of investigate gadfly outsiders. Here, though, is the problem – this is the greatest robbery that will ever occur on this planet – the rich, through their corporate incarnations, have conspired to destroy the rest of the world by collectively hiding their extracted wealth using time-honored criminal means of secrecy, legal denials of proper investigation, colossally immoral and population-killing shielding of governmental oversight of their marauding greed. The names are somewhat known: the Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, the US and the UK capitalizer banking and finance felons, but as with the Trump/Munchkin tax destruction horror, the details of how this works is a massive failure of human capability, to permit such dangerous, fanatical robbery to go with legal connivance, academic cover, and complete befuddlement of popular interest. No one cares about this $30-$70 trillion dollar robbery of all that might be possible and decent in this human world, and this mega-crime is only going to get worse.

The problem is that this will leave the masses with no option but to chop the heads off these capitalizer felons, as was done in the French Revolution. Social nihilists are actually the ones who want to protect themselves from the genuine and moral fury of the hordes, because there seems every indication that injustice and depravity will be the human lot, but who wants to have their head chopped off? Do these tax dodgers, these hedge funders, these Apple and Google career criminals, not think their heads won’t roll first? Why should they have tempted the gods of history – why not calm down a little, distribute some of their ill-gotten spoils to the suffering populace of the world, and shut down these patently immoral, horrific tax avoidance conspiracies?  All of us with some unearned, pure happenstance advantage want to keep some of the swag, and know that all cannot be distributed equally and fairly, but do we really want to give the unfortunate billions immense and immediate provocation to reposition the guillotines and get out the baskets?

Oh, and charge at least four of the “Supreme Court” judges with “high crimes and misdemeanors” – the world cannot abide the continued presence of Roberts, Alito, Thomas, or Gorsuch. They’ve got to go.

Ah, the dreams of social nihilists.

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