Nobody’s in Charge

Rants and shaking of fists at this or that contumacious emanation form the powers-that-be – the stock-in-trade of the commentin’ fool, the holy opiner, the cave-shrouded dismisser of all-things not-him or not-her –  shall  go on,  so FSN asks, in its no-view territory, for you to type ahead and type away in perfect seclusion, you mad, perspiring geniuses of the global slap-around.

Why not? This life, and this communication device, is all that you have. There is no god or gods, the ball of molten rock just keeps spinning back into the formlessness of space and time,  and there’s no shortage of enragements. Human social reality is not, however, amenable to individual change – the supersystem is a product of interlocked forces of supported power, with no great tribunal controlling the levers of daily institutional conduct. Those in power, the temporary capitalizer class, are our own substitutes, fearing above all the loss of their aggregated advantages.  They exist  in alternate universes, ones that admit in very little light that is not generated by their own inhabited environment.

Is there a way in to this rarefied presumption of social control? Not through wordpress, not through large art projects, nor through large-energy corporate raves.

Amazon is planning, right now, in security-manned glass towers, to kill the future of our only ecological niche – Earth – by devising a networked drone/plane/robot/slave delivery madness that will ship every last stupid gewgaw to every last indebted rich button-pushing  consumer king/queen? Why this mad rush to give seated nobodies their precious consumer good right now, immediately, at competition-killing instaneity? The answer is not because of the immoral, vain stupidity of arch-moron Jeff Bezos – he is a damaged, lunatic creation of our supersystem, and unreachable. None of our social problems are personable- they are systemic, created and sustained by the system, impervious to righteous wordpressian condemnation, subject to only the laws of amplification and entropy. Our lords and lordesses of social power are not people – they are malignant outgrowths of the supersystem, and to change one, to reach inside the massive walls of defense and rationalziation and penetrate their horrible cognitive disfigurements,  would be only  be the change of one pebble in a stream.

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