Gisele Bundchen and The Climate Horror to Come

Thanks, Gisele, for giving Titter-praise to those who drove, flew, or rode gasoline-powered buses to the anti-fossil fuel Peoples’ March for  Climate Something or Other. “There is no Planet B,” yes, thank you, but there is also No Planet A – the Chinese are overfishing all the oceans to kill off the stocks of fish, even the ones that poor Senegalese depend on, Russia is a hate-crime state capital against gay people and other refuseniks of Russian Orthodox Christianity, and Mike Pence, a hideous zombie Christian mutant, is one bacon-doublecheesburger-and-Coke supplied to his boss away from the presidency of the largest fossil-fuel per capita user country this doomed world will ever see.

Gisele, Miss Universe, you are to be praised for not being a dummy like your husband, for wanting a clean and pristine world for your babies, but your hands are not quite clean. Your house that Tom and you built and then abandoned is the size of Luxembourg, also the site of where most of your earnings from the chemicalized and surgery-ruled depiction of “beauty” are likely tax havened. To help those marhcers you should have  suggested the only one that would have matted:  “The Only Hope is  Nihilism.”

We are not going to “jobs” our way out of this predicament. We have no capability to go the kind of  green that we need to stave off massive social horrors – it would means court-martials for thousands of US generals, jail terms for millions of Mark Zukerbergs/Bezoses, complete reversal of the business ethic that the Powell memorandum helped generate, so that any business that does not promote social and ecological health would be chopped, axed, and exterminated, sending the global economy into a cataclysmic  fatal tailspin. What’s up would have to become down, and that’s not the way physics works. What’s been made to be up cannot be made by external forces to come down – it can only collapse, a truly harrowing prospect. Hypocrisy is every bit the rule for humanity, day after day, item after item, newsfeed after newsfeed.

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