Casinos, PRTs, and Social Nihilism

OK, fine, there is not going to be a groundswell of fine social uplift from the simple act of writing down coherent blasts of social criticism – a good corrective to solipsism is the yawning indifference of the electron-sharing device known as the Internet – you are not half as clever as you think you are is a sound basis for improved self-knowledge, far removed from the bizarre fixations of the scholastomaniacs and bilbiomaniacs of the upper Education regions.  Not that we change much from our post-developmental encounters with the modern world – pretty much the template is drawn, and there’ll be only variations on the theme, like Faulkner from Absalom, Absalom on down (note – nobody is being forced to read Faulkner anymore, and nobody should have, so discount that fake reference).

Here is where we stand: the IPCC, a decades -long project of worldwide scientists, has very carefully, and very gingerly, made the suggestion that we, as a human species given to an interest in having nice vacation spots, healthy diets, and functioning ecosystems for our power-boating, should reduce emissions of fossil fuels. Not a hundred years from now, not hypothetically, not a few of us carbond gangsters, nut now, and in a steep and sharp across-the-world effort.

Oh, boy, that’s a tough call, there, IPCC. The Boston Globe reported recently – no it extolled recently, it triumphantly promoted, the construction advances of the Steve Wynn :

EVERETT — First impression upon visiting the construction site of the Wynn Boston Harbor hotel and resort casino: This place is going to be massive.

It is hard to appreciate just how massive by driving by it, or by taking a glance from Interstate 93. The building’s footprint alone will be nearly 13 acres. The project — as Wynn officials like to boast — is the largest private single-phased development in state history, with a price tag of $2.4 billion. At peak construction, Wynn will be pouring more than $2 million a day into building it, the company said.

Wynn Resorts is full of fun facts about the magnitude of its resort. Like this one: Building the gambling palace will require 200,000 cubic yards of concrete, which is enough to lay a sidewalk the entire length of the Mass. Pike.

This is in the year 2017. This is for a casino, a cathedral of extortion, destruction, and enslavement of addicted humans. And in proper Freudian fashion, the intern/reporter (the Globe has long now outsourced its scant reporting to low-level drudges) mentions the “footprint” of this Easer Island monstrosity – the carbon “footprint” of this newly built hideous monument to supersystemic idiocy is orders of deep sociology longer than the fascist advertisement for laying more earth-choking concrete than the boring intra-state highway. A rational political process would have instituted a review process that would have laughed such a humanity-imperiling, earth-destroying “project” decades ago, but instead, this metastasized tumor is going up, on schedule, to the delight of politicians, future homeless gambling addicts, and passers-by alike.

None of this makes the slightest bit of sense, but neither does the smaller-scale operation of living anywhere on the globe that is post-industrial development, now immersed in social conflagrations of depressed, inert youngsters. We’ve known the essential existence-cancelling depravity of fossil fuel use since Reagan the First moron paved the way for rampaging Big Business – this is not one idiot President, not a single party of utter contemptible immorality, but the combined trajectory of humanity on a production compulsion towards heat death.

Oh, but there’s going to be a detour from this headlong rush into the hell of a hot planet, according to MMA-level opine-fighter Paul Street:

When we come for the ruling class, it won’t be as wild lone gunmen.  We’ll come with great dignity and en masse, after a highly organized uprising, with handcuffs and a summons from the People’s Revolutionary Tribunal. We’ll be after a system, the profits system, not just that system’s richest and most powerful “elites.”

Who can resist such positivist blandishments from the folkish hopefuleists?  Yes, a People’s Revolutionary Tribunal. They’ll arrive on car, though. They will pass by many, many casinos now being built. There’ll be a lot, a lot of carbon fossil fuel use by that time, and that stuff doesn’t play well with air, water, or land. and watch out for the counter-revolutionaries – they didn’t take the Paris Commune lying down, and they much, much bigger machines this time.

Humans have this terrible compulsion to speak without referencing accountability. Religions have made fortunes convincing gullible folks that a few prayers, a familial show of piety, and all the gangster criminality an individual can supply will be canceled, fortwith. The chemical trails from our exhausts are not canceled by a few green hosannas. This is a collective fate, and it is all too vivid.


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