What Nihilism is Not For

There is no sense in elevating and publishing  personal problems as “nihilism” – the universe is not going to rights the wrongs of all social reality  so that you, the impenitent wordpressian toaster,  can find a smooth happy ride.  Life is worry –  didn’t anybody tell you that?

You’ll feel admixtures of the usual human cognitive concoctions all your livelong days and nights – guilt, anger, presuppositional angst, rage, unrewarded thematic subservience, blatant undirected semi-conscious flapdoodles, happiness from anticipated purchases, hormonal stirrings of pure naked lust, and recalled jetsams from boring stories. Enjoy the days above-board and sane – there is no reason or role for self-lacerating denigration. Refuse comfort and advice, disinvite anti-humanism, and wallow for awhile in your particular problems – some of them do actually get solved by the workings of the complex modern world.

Once you direct yourself to the wider spheres of art and love, sociology and destiny, reaction formation and Americana pop, you will encounter endless chatter and distraction, and the larger world of human and animal screams of death distress will grew ever louder just outside your door. The architects of this socio-horror are now across the board in power – Neil Gorsuch, Myron Ebell, the legions of alt-right typist-morons, the immoral conversationalists who, having voted for the bloated carcass of business ideology in the form of Trumpian “anger,” now adjust their distorted self-disgust in supplication towards the phantasm of the righteous rule of the rich.

That’s what nihilism is for – social nihilism,  the intense and grounded (there’s a wire connecting  you to the earth)  rejection of folkish blandishment and fascist violence alike. What to make of your life in the midst of such obvious and horrific distress – when the cries of black and brown victims of the KKK and the rampaging US military are lost to history’s lies – that is outside in the driving rain and the light breeze, wherever you can find the free flow of attractive electrons toward your inner orbit, or something like that. Have fun.

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