Sure, Flock to Timothy Morton, Hipsters- Why Not?

The waves of effluent from the would-be intelligentsia are as polluted as the Brazilian coast that hosted the Olympics. Instead of the sometimes gainfully tethered Clive Hamilton, a Zizek-like Buddhist named Timothy Morton is seen by some in the artistic Soho-guard as the voice of the Anthropocene, and he poses balefully in a pinballing up-close-and-way-too-personal profile by the Guardian here

The subject are nothing less than mass extinction and social catastrophe and mounting blithering political idiocy and the end of humanity, but instead of the monkish charms of Hamilton, here goes a burners-on-high superstar chef of the id, rolling around in bizarre and rancid formulations that leave the Earth with nothing for wobbly self-orbits, but the guy is evidently the anointed rockstar thinker of our Anthropocene Age, and makes a damned good huckster’s living at it. As the Guardian says, this is the type of charlatan the newly enlightened masses will turn to in their flooded times of

As global warming and other features of the Anthropocene intensify, our experience of this grave new age is bound to become ever weirder and more fraught. When that happens, more and more people are likely to seek out writings – such as Morton’s – that echo their experiences of alienation, as well as their yearning for hope.

OK, humanity, to resolve your eco-anguish, go for the outre spiritualist of the letters from Beethoven enthusiasm  – that’ll have you singing happy classical gas. Do not, however, do not consult Fun Social Nihilism – there is no antiquarian or New Agey snake oil for sale here.


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