Responding to Deluge of Visitor Inquiries to FSN

All of us can learn, at any age, even at the world’s most viccisitudinal social nihilist thoughtcenter instashop. In response to a recent pattern of overwhelming interest in the cultural bona fides of the typical middle-aged social nihilist, FSN  feels duty-bound to do some personal revelation inventory. Yes, shocking, but it has become time, indicated by the deluge of  insight queries into the veritable “mind of Minolta,” FSN.

Current DVR storage: 3% full.  Only two rows of shows taped, partly for various others. Nothing much scheduled.

Current Cell Phone: No Messages. No overages on limited plan usage in the past five or so years.

Current Facebook/Instagram/Twitter usagenone – 0%.

Amazonno recent orders. No Prime membership

Email1% full. Less than two messages shown.

Ad-polluted AOL-e-mailnever more than 52, usually in the low 30s daily, now down to O (zero) new messages.

NetflixTwo DVD’s per month basic plan. Several in year sent back unwatched. Queue – 16, about 4 of which will never be ordered (documentaries, Curbs, nothing much else)

Library books out3 (1 for spouse). On order – 3.

Last non-grandchildren movie watched in theaternone. Maybe Thunderbolt and Lightfoot in the early 80s? 0 (zero) in the past 10 years.

Number of political rallies attended in past five yearso (zero).

This is a decluttered intellectual and entertainment achievement of the highest rank  – enlightenment through the constant shedding of literary, cultural, and technological detritus. Delete, delete. No signup. No membership. Pared-down anti-effluvia.

Oh, yeah,  – Music – The word “chintz” is starting to come to mind in assaying a lifetime of pop music collection, but, eerily, the freshest, most resonant pop music of today  is Wings’  now 40 year old rockin’  side: the Jimmy McCulloch pre-heroin overdose epic winners “Wino Junko,” “Beware My Love, “Letting Go.” Revved-up post-hippie McCartney as the antidote to uber-dismissive social nihilism? You be the judge, this time, and don’t try to copy any of this.


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