NY Mag Goes All Nihilist on Climate Change, then, of Course, Backs Away Completely

A good, though inconclusive review of the tempest caused by the writing of a climate catastrophe piece in New York magazine is available through the good pen of The Luddbrarian here: https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/7727265/posts/1523248871.

The original piece, by David Wallace-Wells,  is necessary and assured, though it retreats from its introductory social nihilism to assure us weak-kneed readers that climate change is not going to happen – the scientists will see to it that everything turns out alright, A-OK, saved by the bell.  Right, people?

But when we do truly see the world we’ve made, they say, we will also find a way to make it livable. For them, the alternative is simply unimaginable.

The alternative is “unimaginable” to  them, the scientists, because they are gainfully employed spokespeople for the prevailing order, who cannot stand in front of their students, their deans, and their corporate benefactors and say,  “Ah, fuck it.”

Michael Mann, according to the article, is “an optimist.” Jim Hansen sees this or that nuclear of green intervention coming ’round the bend. Guy McPherson is cited heralding the alarm for 2026,  and the chattering pages of the Internet can continue shaving this or that slice off the minor intellectual exchange, but the touches of social nihilism in the welcome essay are a sign that the intellectual stirrings against hopeismo are getting stronger.

Not one scenario or reference is ever made, though, to the parlous state of non-regulatory fascism that runs the world, and would have to be overturned instantly and comprehensively to stave off the inevitable counter-revolution against Global Green Police by all the current fossil fuel users and abusers and managers and corporate drone types.  Ever see traffic jams, in say, Route 128 Boston where all the tech engineers of our modern brave new trans-national corporate capital world flock to get a student debt repaying corporate job? The jams go for miles heading south on 128 , each weekday, over and over – and somehow all this desperate climate gangsterism by expensively educated types is going to disappear overnight?

We have no obligation but to speak social truth. If it is too hard to hear, or “unimaginable,” then it is the listeners who will have to change, not the purveyors, doom or no doom. Death does not care about how it is packaged, thought about, or avoided – the same for climate change , a very, very powerful concatenation far greater than any internet or magazine chitchattery.


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