Word Banned

Kompromat – who cares what the Russians call incriminating evidence? Why are all the people in the know suddenly bandying this dumb word around like it’s a real thing? Kompromat is actually the name of Russian self-serve diner, modeled on the original Automatt diner in NYC – with the only difference and update being that that they take your pictures while you are eating, and many diners report, like Donald F. Trump, that they are, the next day, subject to effective governmental extortion schemes based on urination, prostitution, money laundering, fraud, financial felonies, and spying/treason.

Expression now Reality

Fashion, particularly the near oxymoron “Men’s Fashion,” is at risk from being boring and unable to think of any trend that has not already been done to hipster finitude, but young urban trendoids are vivifying a common cliche that has never, heretofore, been seen or employed – wearing two hats.  Many, many people have been accused of ” wearing two hats,” but until now, no one has risked public finger-pointing scorn by daring to wear, not one, not a single solitary chapeau, but an artfully balanced arranged of, yes, two hats. One goes to the left, one rakishly inclines to the right, and there you have it, two hats to join two shoes, two earrings, two baby-on-board stickers, two mints in one. Why not? One hat starts to seem pedestrian, unimaginative, solipsistic – now two must be considered, in ironic or dramatic counterpoint.


For an aggregrator that promises “Academic rigor, journalistic flair,” theconversation.com  is centrist bafflegab personified, daring to remove comments that violate its “community standards.”

Above all, respect others and their opinions.

Sure, Mister Rogers.  Wait – “respect,”  that nonsensical term that went out in the Scared Straight  80s? Why should we “respect” obvious derelict idiots and fully damaged morons who dare to cenusre liberals who are alleged to be “short-sided,” as one prize typist wrote on the Conversation.  No, we must “respect”  these harmful pestilent knuckledraggers  who have elected the dumbest, most vile, most harmful set of suffering-causing mismanagers that a decaying supersystem can produce – why? There is nothing to “respect” about those who persist in enlivening outright anti-human social horror at every religion-based, ignorance-steeped, hate-flaying opportunity.

So where, the is “the Conversation” to be held? In academia, in blogs, in families, on patios, in outdoor Parisian restaurant tables, across the wires? Who can tell where there is any “Conversation” actually taking place, and surely not in the fantastically stoopid, infested backwaters of “the Conversation,” which does mortal damage to the term to even invoke a “community.”  Typist exchanges are not “community,” that is abundantly evident – and even “face-to-face” anarchist drum circles are not a “community.” Is there a “community” at a “community college”?  Not much of one, if the dropout rates are any indication.  Consider this term also banned. Now we are getting somewhere.

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