Social Nihilists are the Go-To People for Boycotts, Divestments, Sanctions

Liberals, trendies, libertarians, progressives, Marxists, religious adherents, poesy promoters, artists and musicians, white lab-coat scientists, CEOs, advertising flacks, professors, all have some established line or position to follow and adhere to, so they always become corrupt, locking arms in solidarity with detestable punks.

No so social nihilists, who are in constant BDS mode, against any and all versions of anti-human thought/practice. For FSN, current BDS campaigns are in high alert mode against Alternet, which willingly disseminated a hideous piece of  maleficent trash attacking secular hero Richard Dawkins by a contemptible San Francisco woo-hustler from Britain named Jeremy “Two Sheds” Lent.  If you want to read liberlous sentences that begin

The damage that Richard Dawkins has caused our global society

you should check it out, but others are free to never give Alternet another cent, never trust its spineless editors, never allow such perfidious vapor to seep into their screens.

The same is true for the monotonous site Counterpunch,  which delights in taunting the atheists and humanists who were gulled into their faux-leftist posturing  by publishing Heartland Institute’s (the leading edge of corporate crypto-fascism think-tankery) James Bovard. If you want to delight in your ability to be “iconoclastic,” you will forfeit all credibility when you glory in offending basic human decency by featuring such a  heartless crank,  however “pacifist” you may deem the charlatan.

The problems come up with the much more admirable likes of Paul Ehrlich and J.R. McNeill,  vaunted environmental authors who gave the moron Jeremy “Two Sheds” Lent billowing blurbs for the scrufulous snake-oiler’s  Templeton Foundation-aligned nuttery The Patterning Instinct.  Why, gentlemen, why? Take it back – the book is an excrescence, the author a complete fraud. Must you two now be the subject of the intense, withering heat of an FSN BDS campaign against you?

A complete list of social nihilist BDS targets is available upon written and specified request. Be forewarned: there are many, many sacred cows on the list, such as, to highlight a few noteworthies, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Richard Ford, Rev. William Barber, Ralph Nader,  Chelsea Clinton, Larry David,  anyone who ever gripped a lectern, Neil Young, the Burger King Burger King, Charles Schwab, the baker, the candlestick maker…

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