KCDR Squared, or (The Limits to Intellectualism, Part 1)

The Internet + Academia + Face-to-Face Non-Spousal Human Interaction = Senseless Argumentation. Thanks, you’ve been a great audience!

Now, it’s not all like that, but it’s a high percentage, and with the Collapse riding fast now like a steroid-inflamed racehorse, the hoofbeats are getting louder down the stretch. Though the intellectual zeitgeist is too far concerned with the doings of reprehensible wingtrons, the urge remains active in almost every human to want to join in with corrections to an uncorrectable world. Look, to use the now-ubiquitous interlocutory assertion, look, listen, that’s what we do, no matter how pointless, no matter how many fossil fuels get burned in some planet-frying data center just to please our late-stage techno-expressivism.

For some context to our current age, there is a record of the supersystem going back to the Jimmy Carter presidency that started in 1976, but “I told you so” is not going to be the mantric catchphrase of macrofutilism. Who cares how “right” somebody may been, in particular or in full, when that person couldn’t, even theoretically, have had the slightest effect on the supersystemic convolutions wrought by endemic institutional corruption?

The Collapse was seen, though, albeit dimly. Gay marriage, though, for counter-example, was outside and against the theory of the supersystem – wonders never cease, though they are going to get damned hard to find. Climate change is now getting a lot of attention as an “existential threat” to humanity, but what about the much greater, much more immediate, much more comprehensive threat represented by the supersystem? Why weren’t sociologists chaining themselves to banks back in the 80s when financial capital was just as destructive to human societies as it is now in this popularized green epoch? Hasn’t global transnational capital been as murderous and destructive to the lives of poor people for decade or decade after its rise after WWII? Why did it take “climate change” to get people to realize the rot and the damage, the insanity and the persiflage, the outright ludicrousness of the social world as it has come to be?

This world party didn’t just now open its doors to the dancing partygoers. It’s been one reality since the Television Age kicked off the plasticene circus in every suburban home. However, no one, public Name or anonyeme, seems to have the intellectual chops to get the sociological phraseology to fit these extradimensional times. For lexical example, humanity is accused of “kicking the can down the road.” This phrase did not exist before 1980, was invented by some minor US political functionaries in the Culture Club 80s, and doesn’t translate well into English. What can? According to some dismal internet source, the “can” refers to cans in the Depression Era when that was the extent of a boy’s toys.

Human civilization is not a rusted Moxie Cherry soda can. We humans, from leaders at the very top to us lowly consumer protoplasms, have inherited and amplified a supersystem of overmassive destruction. Every act of human production within that supersystem feeds those associated forms of destruction – mining, burning, clearing, polluting, robbing, killing. Our language should reflect this reality, not subsume it under childish and sanitizing memeology.

A local 9-month extremely expensive camp for late-teens to early-20s (more commonly known as an “elite liberal arts college”) advertises itself as a “CARBON-NEUTRAL CAMPUS” on a oversized banner outside one its glass-enclosed activity center. By what superficial metric is “neutrality” arrived at? Every fossil-fuel-related molecule attached to that campus is accounted for?

There is no one to answer these questions. Is just is. Ain’t just ain’t. Back to work we go, whatever that “work” is.

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